VIDEO: Abu, Smith Discuss Exhibition Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Abdul-Malik Abu and Dennis Smith met with the media after the exhibition win over Lynn University.

"It felt great... going out there in front of the fans. I hadn't played in front of the fans since mid-July."

"It's tough to say. I had a little too many turnovers today, but I'll work on that.  We're looking forward to having a good season."

"I wouldn't say nervous... over-anxious.  Once I got settled in..."

"I'm not going to try to live up to any expectations. I just want to go out there with my team, compete hard, and win games. That's my focus."

"My team has expected me to come out and help have a better season than last year."

"Coach G has been emphasizing that... pushing the ball all year. That's what we'll be doing."

"We have the right pieces to push the tempo all game."

"Definitely. He has a wide base, explosive... he looks pretty strong."

"He was trying to show his muscles. That's Alejo... strength and conditioning has us right."

"It's a beginning of things to come.  He has a super IQ.  He threw the ball to me one time  and I wasn't even looking... it was right there."

"I wouldn't say nerves.... I feel like our guards haven't played in a lot."

"I was just happy to see the fans again, happy to be out there."

"That's my goal for the season. I want to be dominant on the glass and play for my guys."

"We're not really worried about Omer because he's been playing basketball for a long time and playing with veteran guys so he'll pick it up real quick."

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