Gottfried: "A Lot Of Positives Tonight"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the exhibition win over Lynn University.

"A lot of positives tonight. I thought we started off a little tentative maybe offensively. You have to remember, Dennis hasn't played in a year, Terry hasn't played in two years, Torin hasn't played in a year."

"I thought it took us five or eight minutes to get our feet wet a little bit.  I thought once we did, we played pretty well."

"We scored 100 points, and we started slow and finished slow offensively, so 100 probably could have been more than 100. That's a good thing."

"I thought probably the first eight or ten minutes of the second half defensively was probably our best part of the game.  Our defense was able to generate our fastbreak."

"It was good for our guys to get out in front of people in play. We have a lot of young guys who need that, so we scheduled two exhibition games for a reason. To try to see it if will help us a little bit."

"Overall, a lot of good things tonight."

"He was so excited to play. He hadn't played in a while... just kind of settle down, take a deep breath... I thought once he settled into the game he did a great job. He's an advanced point guard from a mental standpoint.  He sees things, he recognizes things, he makes great suggestions, he thinks on the fly really well. We'll watch him this year just continue to get better too, the more he plays."

"We're excited... it's going to be interesting. Nine games is a lot, I'm still trying to get over that one, but Omer was good too. He's just a freshman, he's an international student, he's learning."

"The game is called a little different, but it was nice to see those two in there together. At some point this year, hopefully that will be a positive thing for our team."

"When he got to about seven or eight minutes in so I was excited.  I think Terry is going to be a really good player for us. He's a calming effect for our team. He's older, he's been through the wars, he's such a smart player. He has a great impact on his team because of those things... he gives us a calming presence."

"Terry is a good veteran for those guys."

"Early in the game they were beating us off the dribble a little too much, they got in the paint too much, some open three's. After the half we corrected that I thought. Some of that was settling in, some of that we switched our defenses... defensively I hope this team can become a really good defensive team. Hopefully our defense can help us generate our offense at times. Good step in the right direction."

"He's becoming the bully. I told him that this afternoon at shootaround. You are the bully. He likes it. He did a good job tonight. [Abu] did a really good job."

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