Ledford: "There's Just A Lot Of Excitement"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford talks about his position group heading into the Florida State game.

What was the message to your team after the last game?
We got to focus on everybody doing their job, being accountable for what you put on film, and owning up. If you're making a mistake, owning up to that, and let's go get better at it. You get better at it. Let's be better with the unit and take pride in that unit and its performance. Let's get out here and let's take this thing.

We have a four-game season... let's go out here and make it the best four weeks we could ever have.

How has practice been this week?
It's been awesome. It's been great. We had a great practice today. We had a great meeting. Two great meetings. I challenged them to make this the best that you've ever prepared, the best that you've ever went into a game, and so it will pay off when we go into the game. I've been very impressed with the way they came out.

Your impressions of the defensive line you'll face Saturday at Florida State.
Very good. Probably all four of those guys, even the fifth and sixth guy, are all NFL type guys. The last three or four weeks now, all those defensive linemen that played, that's the caliber of linemen that we're going against. It's a good challenge for us out there. It's a good opportunity. The guys are up for the challenge. I look forward to going out there and competing against them.

You think NC State is going to embrace this next four-week challenge as you mentioned. Things are still on the table.

You could really have a really good season... do you think they're embracing that?
Yes. Absolutely. These guys are working really hard. The meeting was as good as any meeting I've ever been in on a Sunday. The meeting this morning was the same way. In practice, there was a lot of energy. Guys were getting to the football. There's just a lot of excitement. I think that they've embraced it.

They're working hard at it. They want this season to be a success. They're going to do everything in their power to make sure that it's going to be better.

How's Will Richardson doing?
He's doing well.  He's doing real well.

And Terronne Prescod, he's kind of the new kid. I wouldn't maybe say new kid on the block, but he's emerging.

What's your take on him?
Yes, he is. Bringing him on, he's a very versatile player for us. He can play all five positions up front. You'll probably see that from him throughout the rest of these next four games.

He's been very valuable to us, just providing us some depth at some key positions. He's doing a really good job at it. Showing versatility not only at guard, but also at tackle, as well.

That's where I was going, depth. How happy are you with the depth?
Well, that's something I think every team, if you ask them, that's something that you got to continue to develop. It's no different here. That's something that we have to continue to develop.

I am happy with some of the guys that have stepped up and played this year, like Big T. He's done a great job with it, but at the same time, you are always, always, going to try to keep trying to develop that depth.

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