Fernandez Eager To Play The Seminoles

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior linebacker Jerod Fernandez is ready to play the school he cheered for growing up.

What's your impressions of Florida State's offensive line?
They're good, you know. They're just like all the other lines we play. They're fast. They're physical, you know, it's going to be a challenge.

Similarities, differences? Are they their own kind of thing or do they remind you of another team?
No, they all work hard, just like all the rest of them do. We just gotta do our jobs.

The offense in general, Dalvin Cook and all those, what stands out to you, sir?
Honestly, Dalvin Cook.  He's a great running back, he's one of the best running backs in the nation, and he doesn't go down by one tackle so we have to do a good job of getting to the ball, wrapping him up, and getting him down.

Your impressions of what the practices have been like this week?
I thought it was pretty good. We're flying around defensively, making our calls, getting to the ball, making sure everybody's in the right place before we got to the ball, stuff like that.

Personally for you as a linebacker, do you get excited when you get a chance to play a running back like Dalvin Cook?
Oh yeah, definitely. I get excited to play Florida State in general just because I'm from Florida, but, yeah, definitely, because he's a big-name and if you want to get noticed, get to the ball.

Did you grow up rooting for Florida State?
Definitely I grew up a Florida State fan, a big Florida State fan.

What do you remember about that first game you played? I know you had a couple interceptions in that game. What do you remember about that, playing up here?
You know, it was my redshirt freshman year, my first time playing Florida State, you know, home team,a little jittery, but at the same time it was just like playing anybody else. You just got to come do your job whether it was Florida State, Old Dominion, whoever, just come and play.

How do you put everything behind you, the last couple of weeks?
It's just maturity, you know, so like, in the past we had a lot of immaturity on the team, it just comes down to maturity, you know. That's in the past, we can't do nothing about it. Just kind of move on and start a new season.

Boston College, you had I think like 13 tackles in that game, were you seeing things pretty well out there? For you yourself, was that one of your better games?
You see they're gonna run the ball, and that's what linebackers love to do, and like coach Huxtable always preaches, you want to make plays, you want to get noticed, get to the ball.

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