Doeren: "They're Hurting Right Now"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the loss to No. 22 Florida State.

What did you tell them after the game to try to keep them...
I told them that I am proud of them for battling the way that they battled all week. I thought we played for each other. I thought that we played really hard and, for what ever reason, we are not finding the one play that it takes to break a game open like that and, if we stay together, we will find that play.

We got a lot better in one week. It hurts not being able to salvage that, just like it always does. They're hurting right now.

After a tough game for Matt Dayes last week he comes in and has a huge game. What did you think about his performance tonight?
Played hard. Guys played hard for him, he played hard for them. He broke a lot of tackles and did a good job taking care of the football.

Did you get a chance to talk to Shawn (Boone) in particular?
I told him I loved him. I do.

Kind of feeding off that question, what was his demeanor in the locker room after the game?
He's crushed. This means a lot to these guys, man. What do you think he's going to be?

Coach, it seemed like the, after that loss to Clemson had kind of a lingering effect on this team...
I am sick of Clemson man. Give me another question.

I am talking about, do you expect this to be the same this time or are you thinking these guys can ...(inaudible)..
No I don't. It's a new game next week.

You made the kicking switch in the first quarter. Was that something that you were prepared to do? Did you want Kyle to get another attempt is what I'm ... (inaudible)
Yeah, I did. Obviously, I thought that (Kyle Bambard) would make the next one. I told him I would give him another shot at it and I told Connor (Haskins) that if he doesn't he is in and that is what happened. Connor did a great job taking advantage of an opportunity tonight.

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