Chubb: "We Just Have To Stick Together"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior defensive end Bradley Chubb met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Syracuse.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Bradley Chubb (.mp3 File)

You think it's going to be easy to put this game behind you and move on to the next game? I guess against Clemson, you have a little trouble of the carryover of the next game.
I feel like, I mean, we have this thing we go by, the 24-hour rule. We try to get over each game after 24 hours. It should be easy to get over and work onto the next opponent because we're already game planning for Syracuse. We're already looking forward to the game.

Is there something to be said about just having three games left, and some key goals? That alone should be motivation?
Yeah, definitely a goal of ours is to make a bowl game. As of right now, we're not eligible, so that's definitely a major goal that we're fighting for. Everybody's excited for these last three games. We just have to stick together, stay as a team, and hopefully, everything will pan out the way we want it to.

What are some of the takeaways for the defense after you guys watched film in the game?
I know in the DR room, we put an emphasis on we got to rush a little bit better. We felt like the quarterback had too much time throughout the last couple series. That's been an emphasis all year.

We just didn't execute like we should have. We're just looking forward to improving on that, working on it throughout this whole week of practice, and the we'll see what happens Saturday.

I don't know how much you've seen of Syracuse yet, but if you've seen some, is there anybody that plays faster that you guys?
I don't think so. I was actually looking at one game not too long ago and it said 100 plays. That's a lot of plays in a football game. I mean I know they're an up tempo team, and we just got to take on the task of going into the game and prepare for it throughout practice.

Were you on the trip two years ago up here?
Yes, I was.

You gotta take us through it, the play of the game, and and kind of turning that game around.
My ankle was hurting, so I was actually looking down at my foot making sure that my ankle was all good. Then I just heard everybody go like, the wind the wind got sucked out of everybody. I just looked up and I just saw Pharoah running down the sidelines. Our whole bench was going crazy. It was definitely a fun moment. Hopefully a big play like that happens again.

One of the big improvements, with the defense this year has been the run defense. You guys are only giving up like 107 yards a game. Did a really good job against Florida State on Saturday. What are some of the things that have gone into that to make you guys better this year against the run and when did it start?
It started after last season. We just made an emphasis that we were giving up too many big plays on the ground. We just wanted to eliminate that. We just made a bit emphasis throughout the off-season, throughout camp, throughout Spring football, and just continued it throughout the season.

As of right now we're living up to that expectation that we have from Coach Hux. We have three more games to keep it going. Hopefully we'll sustain that.

I know Syracuse wants to get the ball out the quarterbacks hand in a certain amount of seconds. How big is it for you to get your hands up and to not get frustrated that they might release it so quickly that you barely get into your pass rush?
You just have to keep your head on the target and just stay focused. I know that it's going to be a frustrating game at times knowing that you almost there, and he's just getting the ball out, but you just have to keep rushing because, like Coach says, "You never know when you're sack is going to come."

That's something we just got to take with us this week and just continue to rush no matter what happens. No matter if he gets the ball out, because the one time he might hold it, that's the time we gotta be there. You just gotta keep rushing.

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