Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Terry Henderson, Torin Dorn Jr. and Shaun Kirk met with the media following NC State's 112-60 exhibition win over Barton College.

"We (Henderson and Dorn) knew once we got our chance to come on this floor we were going to bring it each and every night. I am going to bring it and he is going to bring it as well. We just feed off of each other."

"To bring leadership and energy to this team, especially for the young guys who have never been on this level before. Even when I was in the Big-12 I was playing against quality competition each and every night. Just by me bringing my experience and leadership to this team, that's what I'm here for."

"Last year I made it through one exhibition then I got hurt so now that I have made it through two I am not looking back at all. I am just going to play my game and go out there and not worry about what happened. Taking no steps back, moving forward and just ready to play every night."

Torin Dorn Audio 

"Rebounding is big for me. I take pride in that. I want to be complete and do the things for us that we need."

"I like to rebound from the guard spot. With us playing four guards we all have to chip in and rebound. Coach has said that I am a guy that can help us with that and I take that responsibility head on. I am cool with it. I can mix it up inside."

"As soon as I jumped, my leg locked out. I came down on this (right) foot and I tried to stand back up and it locked out again."

"It felt great watching tonight (as opposed to watching last season). We were up 40 so...when I was watching last year we were just begging to get in the game like (laughing) "Coach, please break the rules" but this year it felt good."

Shaun Kirk Audio

"The (dunks) are pretty fun. It gets loud."

"Me and Dennis are like brothers. I know him, he knows me and the game of basketball between us is like a great connection that we have so it is a pretty good relationship."

"We played good and the defense played well. The extra passing is what counted."

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