Gottfried: "I Like How We Shared The Ball"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the exhibition win over Barton College.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Mark Gottfried (.mp3 File)

From Opening Statement:
Well I guess my first thought was, probably the thing that stood out to me was how we passed the ball. I like how we shared the ball. I thought that was a good sign for our guys. We have played two exhibition games for a reason. I thought we had enough young guys that we needed to be out in front of the lights in front of people and I thought those two games helped us. I do think we got better from game one to game two.

It is all a learning process. It is also, when you are young, teaching guys how we do things here.

Two good exhibition games as far as how we played now it is time to play. Everything counts from here on out.

On Defense:
This team can become very good, I think. We are doing some things differently. We are getting a lot of deflections, a lot of steals and one thing about this team is I thin we can turn a lot of those steals and deflections and rebounds into fast break opportunities because we have multiple guys that can handle the ball on the break. Hopefully, our team can become very good defensively and that is going to generate some fast break opportunities for team as well.

On Terry Henderson:
I think Terry is very important. He's got a calming effect is probably the best way I can say it. People trust him. His teammates trust him. They know he is a really intelligent player. He makes the right plays defensively...He's in the right place at the right time. He is kind of the guy, defensively, that can fix problems real easily on the floor because he's got a great basketball IQ.

On Torin Dorn Jr.:
Well, he is a tremendously unselfish guy. Very much about only winning. He doesn't care about anything else and our hope is with the smaller lineup, we play four guards and every now and then I hear about people say 'Well, he might be the power forward or Maverick is the power forward.' We don't have a power forward.

We have four guards but if you are going to play us, and play us man-to-man defense, you have got to guard Dennis, somebody has got to guard Maverick, somebody has got to guard Terry and usually with Torin I think sometimes it might be the other team's forward, which I think even tonight Torin finds himself with the ball in the middle of the floor and he can make plays in the open floor and he doesn't have a traditional guard or perimeter player guarding him.

That's something we hope we can take advantage of for him playing as a fourth guard for our team.

He rebounds well. He passes the ball well. He gets to the rim well. He does a lot of things really well for our team.

On Omer Yurtseven:
He's got to adjust. It is hard for him to get in the flow. I'm playing some other guys ahead of him now only because we have got to get ready to play next week -- those guys that are going to play. I think he'll learn that.

Again, that's kind of the tough part about when you have a player that, which I've said this many times with Omer, he is a very good player but he is a freshman and he is an international player. So he has got two things, two hurdles to climb over a little bit. So those games now that he is going to miss are going to hurt him a little bit. We will have to get him adapted quickly when he does become eligible.

On Shaun Kirk:
He played well. One thing with Shaun, I think that he is doing a good job of playing within himself. Doing the things he does well, going to the offensive glass with a couple tip dunks. He's got out on the break and ran, which obviously he can do that really well.

Defensively he has been pretty solid. That's one thing you want every guy to do, it's to play within your game. I think right now and for the two exhibition games he's done a really good job doing that.

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