Doeren: Pack Preparing For Dungey

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

POST-PRACTICE AUDIO: Dave Doeren (.mp3 File)

You played Mahoney last year when Dungey was out... 
Well they were triple-option last year so it was kind of hard to look at it, what you're going to get.

They are trying to play poker up there, telling us Dungey is going to play, so we'll assume he is.  We'll see.  The good thing is McDonald was there with the other two quarterbacks, so he's kind of told us what their skillsets are.

I'll assume Babers is going to run his offense no matter what.  The strength of his team are those wide receivers.

Other than his health, is there a reason for Nyheim's recent resurgence?
There's a couple of things, and that's a big part of it, but another reason is a lot of man-to-man and he's good against man-to-man. It's hard to cover him with a safety and hes' been getting in to some matchups where he can run option routes and run by guys.  

Early in the year there was a lot of zone defense and he was banged up.  He's had a good rhythm the last two games.

Is there an artform to the film you show... they were right there with Virginia Tech.
Well they beat Virginia Tech, they were more than right there.

Our guys know who they have beat.  We show them all the film that relates to how we play defense so if there are looks to how we fit against these plays, there's limited time so you can't show film from every game... how we'll attack plays.

When you play that offense, is there something you definitely need to do?
It's hard to get to their quarterback because they throw it so you can't get frustrated, they are going to complete passes. You have to tackle well, get them out of their ability to play with tempo, force an incompletion, get a stop.... those offenses aren't very good if you can force three-and-outs; hard to get a rhythm going.

Is there an adjustment for offensive guys, going to college and getting less touches?
All of these guys are playing on our offense will be in our lineup. Jay Sam's use to getting the the ball. That's college football. It's pro football... unless you're the quarterback or the center. The center gets to touch it every day.

They'll take the touches you get and make the most of it.

Any favorite zone blitzes this year?
Drop it to a lineman? We've got to have something like that. It would great to get another one.

Is that the kind of encouraging progress for them, that the receiver would play was making progress?
Yeah. He made one earlier in the year out of the corner route here, too, where he's fully extended. He has very good law skills. He runs good routes most of the time when he's detailed, and he plays so hard. That's the part that I love about him. He plays violent. He tries to play way bigger than he is, and that's what makes him good. It's one thing to be fast. It another to be as tough as he is. He's really competitive.

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