Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over Syracuse.

"That was a great drive. We held the ball for a long time and we got into a rhythm."

"We converted some third downs, it was really good to see.  You need to keep driving in a game like that."

"They just wanted to get an X-Ray to be precautionary, but I knew I was probably going to play again."

"Four losses in a row, it's definitely good to get back on the W-side of the column. We feel really good about what just happened."

"It was our goal to be 1-0 this week, and it feels good to get the win."

"It feels real good to finish a game. After four losses, it's just amazing. It's so much fun to finally win a game."

"Everybody was excited."

"We had to continue to stay up."

"We actually prepared like [Dungey] was going to be there. We did everything the same, like he was going to be there."

"That put the fire out.... that's a thing we have on a sudden change on defense."

"We're looking forward to the next week; we can't live in the past. The leadership, the captains, everybody is just staying together."

"We have to go out and execute these next two games."

"It was very huge, a momentum swing until the next game."

"Now we're just looking forward to Miami."

"We feel good about it. We just want to win out."

"We have to go back Sunday and fix our mistakes and then come back and execute like we did this week."

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