Doeren: We Were Able To Put Them Away

SYRACUSE, NY -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the Syracuse win.

"I'm very proud of the resiliency of our football team. As you mentioned, losing four of our five games by a possession or one play.  They've been able to stick together."

"I'm really proud of what they did today on the road.  It's not easy playing on the road in anybody's stadium, and the Dome it can get loud on third down like it did today."

"We were out there in some tough moments on defense after a blocked punt, hung in there in the fourth quarter, and we were able to put them away."

"I'm very proud of the resiliency of our team  and our coaching staff obviously getting them to be that way."

"Third down was huge on that drive. I think we converted three different third and longs.  Credit to Ryan Finley for finding open guys and those guys catching it and doing something. That's impressive. Ryan threw for 340 yards today so a great job him throwing the ball and those guys catching it for him, making plays."

"He's averaging 100 yards per game so that's what we do... he's a great player. He deserves the football."

"He wanted to come back in at the time we were driving with Jalan and we felt like he could finish the drive... he wanted to make sure Ryan was okay before we switched them back.  They came in and did some tests on him and he was able to go."

"That was the critical drive of the game to me... holding them to three points and come back with a scoring drive after that possession."

"It's huge. It gets that carrot right next to their nose for a potential bowl opportunity... it's a big opportunity for our seniors on Senior Day and gives us momentum and confidence going into a big game against Miami."

"When you work as hard as these kids have and these coaches have, you want to feel the pleasure from your work, and you can't get that by almost winning.  It gives them the satisfaction of the grind, and they needed that today."

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