Gottfried: "A Nice Win For Our Team"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Saint Francis.

Opening Statement:
A nice win for our team. I thought we got better today. We did some things better throughout the game. Obviously you want to win, but within that you hope that you can really improve on some things. Defensively, I thought we were a lot better.

We gave up a few too many offensive rebounds but overall I like our rebounding. They had five 3s in the first half. We talked about eliminating their baskets from behind the line and they ended up with eight but for the majority of the second half we limited them to two or three 3-point shots, which was great.

I like the fact that we got 86 points. We made one 3-point basket, so I like that offensively with our team. We played against a team that likes to pressure us a little bit. That was good, just to see something different. Our guys stepped up and played great.

On Torin Dorn:
Torin was just fantastic. He does so many different things throughout the game to help your team -- defensively, offensively, getting rebounds, he just kind of does it all.

On Ted Kapita:
What a great first night for Ted Kapita. Wow. He comes in there, he plays with great energy, he's got enthusiasm, he gets rebounds. He also concentrates and puts the ball in the basket. A lot of times that goes kind of undervalued. Big guys will get bumped, and he will still put it in the basket. It sounds simple, but it is nice to have a guy that can do that.

He made his foul shots as well, so I was happy for Ted. He was anxious to play obviously, very excited to play. It was a good first night for Ted.

If I gave you the truth serum and asked you how many games you'd have Ted this year... 
With Ted, I thought he may miss a few but I was confident he'd be playing pretty quickly.

You just don't know sometimes with all the different factors with the NCAA and our people did a great job helping with him and Omer.  

It's nice to have him in there, and he's just a fun guy to be around everyday. You could see his enthusiasm throughout the game.

Did you find out some things today with the foul trouble?
Yeah and we had a really good player who didn't play in Maverick Rowan. Holding him out is the right thing to do and hopefully he'll be back with us the next couple of days.

You take away a really good three-point threat out of our lineup and I thought everybody else did well... did a nice job.

Malik had foul trouble and never really got in the flow of the game, and I like that Dennis had to play with some foul issues.  I left him in there and I wanted him to play without fouling... there will be some times that he has to play with foul issues and you have to be smart to play with foul issues.

Defensively we're getting a little bit better, but I like that we got 86 points and made just one three-point shot.  That says a lot right there, without Maverick playing, that's a good thing.

How many games last year would you have won if your point guard and Abu was in foul trouble?
We'd have had our hands full... it would have been a tough night.

Markell could be playing high school basketball this eyar too, but here he is playing, doing a nice job. I thought he gave us great minutes... did a really good job on both ends of the floor.

Torin is a hybrid point guard, wing, forward... call him whatever you want but he does a lot. He can bring the ball on the break and that helps us too when Dennis is in foul trouble.

We can survive that this year hopefully a lot more than last year.

How happy are you with the scoring balance?
The scoring balance was great. I thought we kept moving the ball, and when we passed it pretty well we made baskets and when we ran our offense we made baskets.

We had 86 points and never really got our break going. I liked our balance a lot.

More on Torin Dorn... can he be a surprise player for you guys?
He's not a surprise to us, we watched him all last year in practice everyday.  He's another guy, it's hard not to fall in love with that guy. He has a great attitude every day, plays hard every day.

We talk to guys who transfer in here about taking advantage of that year... Torin, like Ralston, Trevor and all the guys we had, he did a great job last year, a great job.

He's not a surprise to us. He may be to some other people, but he's a good player.

Ted said he likes that the people at NC State have his best interest.  What has it been like to earn Ted's trust?
He's been in a couple of different schools in high school and he's from the Congo.  

I'm glad to hear you say that because our people here at NC State, everybody, has done a great job trying to help him, but he's the kind of kid you like helping. He has a great attitude everyday, smiles everyday.

Everyday he's upbeat, excited, and ready to practice.  It's hard not to go to bat for that guy. 

I like him. He's a nice young man and did a great job today.

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