VIDEO: Dorn, Kapita Discuss The Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Torin Dorn and Ted Kapita met with the media after the win over Saint Francis.

"Ted is a high-energy guy. I think he flows that energy through the team. We feed off of him. He is great."

"I think we executed defensively a little better. We executed our offense a little better as well."

"It is a business trip. We are going down there to win. Any time there is a trophy involved, like Coach G said, we are going down there to win it."

"I think our frontcourt is great. I think we can hold our own. We can match up with any frontcourt in the country."

"Finally, I worked so hard. I was patient. When my time comes. I went in there and did whatever I had to do to win."

"It feels great. I worked so hard throughout the process. Our coach, the school, family, kept me humble. They said just wait and be patient and everything is going to work."

"I persevered, I prayed and I worked hard on my game. I knew everything was going to take care of itself." 

"I just took my time and worked hard. Everything fell into place."

"I kind of expect it a little bit because I work so hard. I expect myself to play hard every time, I don't care against who we are playing."

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