Hill: "We're Not Where We Want To Be"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior defensive tackle B.J. Hill discusses the upcoming game against Miami.

PRESS CONFERENCE: B.J. Hill (mp3 File)

How would it feel to qualify for the bowl this week at home against Miami?
I'm glad we won, but I'm not happy yet, because we're not where we want to be at.

Miami likes to rotate a lot of different running backs and really run north-south. I'm guessing that is the type of game you enjoy.
We've been doing the last couple games and continuing the running backs, giving the box, and having them get outside.

Is it strange when you never see a team, let's say in your conference, like Miami, you haven't played them yet. You weren't here.
That's a couple years ago.

That's my first time playing them. It's not strange. It's a opportunity to play another good team.

I know that there's not a lot of seniors on the D line, but obviously it's the last home game for the seniors. Is that a little extra extra for you guys?
Yeah, I want to ... People like Matt, Jack Tocho, Monty Nelson, I want them to go out with a win, The senior year, I think it'd be special to them. It'd mean a lot to them.

Who's a better running back, you or Darien?
Probably me. I'm more athletic kinda guy than he is, especially ...

Said you're not happy because this team isn't where it wants to be yet. Can you elaborate on what has to be done this week to get this team where it needs to be?
You just gotta have faith in the process and just do our job and just finish games and just have fun with it and love football like we did last week and have a great week of practice. Be on top of our stuff.

Is goal number one for this week win because of bowl eligibility or just get another win? How do y'all evaluate that part of this opportunity this week?
Entering this, we're 1-0. It really again, just going up 1-0 each week.

Has there been any mention of what would happen if you do go 1-0 this week in respect to the postseason?
We know it's a big game. It'd be our sixth win if we win this game, so I'm excited for it, to get to play it.

The defensive line has one senior, Monty Nelson. What's he mean to you guys?
He means a lot to us, especially the only guy in the group that's a senior. Like I said earlier, want him to go out on top with the win.

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