McKay Excited To Be Staying Home

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Senior quarterback Matt McKay signed a financial aid agreement to attend NC State in January at a signing ceremony at Wakefield (NC) High School.

Senior quarterback Matt McKay signed a financial aid agreement to attend NC State at a signing ceremony at Wakefield (NC) High School.  McKay, who will enroll at NC State in January, discussed his decision with Pack Pride.


Now that you've signed papers with NC State, how does it feel for your commitment to be official?
It feels great. I've finally been able to sign with NC State, and to get to play college football, it's great.  I'm definitely looking forward to it.

You previously mentioned that committing early was big because you wanted to ktake the stress off... go to a summer camps and all of that, not really have to focus on recruiting. Looking back, do you think it really benefited you to get it out the way early?
Oh yeah, definitely. It felt nice talking to just one group of coaches, not a lot of coaches coming from different schools. It definitely felt nice staying in town, going to all the NC State games, and it was definitely a lot of stress off my shoulders.

I could just focus on my senior year and preparing for college at NC State.

How did you do as a senior here at Wakefield?
I think I had close to 1,600 passing yards and 800 rushing yards with 16 passing touchdowns, and I think 11 rushing touchdowns.

It seems college programs are thriving with quarterbacks who can run and pass, and as you can tell from your stats, you can do both.  Is that something that NC State mentioned to you when recruiting you... your ability to run also and throw?
Yes. They definitely stressed that to me. I definitely feel like I can make a difference in their offense, and on their team, and help take the program to the next level that I want to take it to.

We talked about you enrolling early. Is that still the plan for you?
Oh, yeah. I think my first class is January 9th, so I'll be over there in January.

Anxious, excited?
Oh, definitely excited, ready for a new chapter in my life.

I know we talked before about how young your are for your class. How old are you right now?
I just turned 17.

So you'll pretty much play your entire freshman year as a 17-year old. Do you feel like getting in there in January is going to help you physically, and obviously just being able to work out, and being able to get on the strength program, and things like that?
Yes, definitely. They actually do have a great workout program. Coach Thunder does a great job with the players. I feel like he'll put a lot of weight on me, make me stronger, and more powerful as a football player.

When you sit back and evaluate your game, what is something that you feel like right now you do really well?
Right now I'd say knowing whether to run or pass the ball, decision making, basically.

What is something you think you need to continue to work on?
I'd say as a quarterback, it's always work on accuracy and timing with the receivers.

Where are you at right now with your season? I know you're a little banged up with a knee injury.
It's a day-to-day thing with me, but I know we have Middle Creek this Friday. I'm excited to see what's going to happen.

You got banged up this past weekend?
The Leesville game, a couple of weeks ago.

How much have you been able to watch State's offense under Eli Drinkwitz? I know this is their first year having him as offensive coordinator... what have you seen from him, and how do you feel like you'll fit in there?
I definitely feel like it's a very spread offense. They do a lot of things that I like to do. He'll actually throw the ball, run the ball, and they have a lot of trick plays which is pretty cool.

Just looking at your senior year, how would you sum up your career at Wakefield?
I feel like I did great. I actually felt like I left everything on the field in high school. That was actually a dream come true, too.


When I was in middle school, I was looking at Connor Mitch, and I wanted to be in his spot. To be able to say that I was in that spot, played after him and signed with an ACC school is definitely a great accomplishment to me so I feel thrilled with how things turned out.

Finally, you had a lot of options in your recruitment but you chose to stay home.  You live a few minutes away from NC State's campus in North Raleigh. Do you feel like the people in your community are happy to see you stay at home?
Yes because it's a family environment up here and at NC State. They really cheer me on and there's a lot of love being shown with me staying at home.  There's nothing like it.

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