VIDEO: Doeren Talks Miami, Redshirts, Wide Receivers

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Thursday's practice.

Miami seems to have a lot of things that either go against them or for them on special teams...
I'll tell you one thing, they block punts. They come after you on their punt return team.

I think every game, those units are so important. Every play is the most important play.  He's in his first year there and sometimes, especially when you are playing freshmen, and they are playing a lot of them, you have to go through some things like that.

When you watch the film, they are playing hard.

You put Matt's juke of the Syracuse kid on the board for the team. He was embarrassed he said, "I didn't want him to do that."  
One side of the ball really never sees the other side play during the game.  We always pick ten or 11 plays on each side, special teams, to show the guys... blocks that guys made, runs or catches, picks... whatever it is.

There's having no ego but then there's no ego.
He doesn't like people talking about him... I know, it's crazy.

He's a great kid.  We'll miss him a lot. He's great.

You have some seniors who maybe don't get to play a lot like Bryce Kennedy or John Tu'uta. What is it about guys who hang in there, get their degrees, already have jobs lined up.
What's cool about both of those guys is their roles here weren't necessarily starting roles, but they took a lot of backup reps.  It takes reps off of other players.  They have their degrees.

Tu'uta has been a tremendous leader in our weight room program for three years. He pushes guys in the weight room.

Is he a future S&C guy?
No, if you ask him what he wants to do, he wants to die for his country.  He wants to go in the Special Forces somewhere and go fight.

Miami is a physical team.  How much have you talked to your guys about that?
We've talked a lot about what we need to do first, and we need to be physical. We take a lot of pride in that as well.

I told them it will be a battle on the line of scrimmage, and it's a lot like Florida State if you look at who you're playing.  They have really good athletes, they are balanced, they pressure, they have a good front, and they have depth.  They are very similar.

Can you talk about the redshirt guys?
There's a bunch of them who have had really good years.  On defense, Brock Miller, Isaiah Stallings and James Valdez have really been good.

Offensively, Daeshawn Stephens has done a really good job at receiver. I'm excited to see him next year.  The one receiver I haven't got to watch is C.J. Riley, he hurt his knee, but they are saying he's doing really good things.

There are seven offensive linemen down there, that's what I'm excited to see next year.  Some depth on the o-line... that's one area that will really change our football team.

How has coach McDonald brought along the receivers? No one knew what to expect, and now when you look at the future you guys could be loaded at receiver next year.
He's done a great job, and the players have worked hard to get better.  There's a lot of guys... Nyheim was a running back, Jakobi Meyers was a quarterback, Kelvin was in high school next year, and Steph was redshirted with shoulder operations. There's a lot of guys who have become good players that he's helped. 

You add Ramos, Riley, and Stephens.
Yes, and then you think about how much better those guys will all be after the spring and the fall. It's exciting to think about. We've had more explosive plays at that position than we've had since I've been here.

It's only going to get better.

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