NC State head coach Mark Gottfried and junior forward Abdul-Malik Abu met with the Wolfpack's radio crew after the 85-72 win over Montana in the 2016 Paradise Jam.

NC State Head Coach Mark Gottfried
"Offensively we were good, but with 16 minutes left unti the end of the game, I thought we defended them really, really well. That was the difference in the game."

"Our matchup zone was good for us, it eliminated some of their dribble penetration. They made three three's in the second half and two were in a row and one was late here."

"We did a much better job defending them."

"Offensively, we really passed the ball well.  I thought the passing was as good as anything for us."

"Everybody played pretty well, no one played poorly. I was glad to see Terry Henderson hit the shot late."

"Dennis Smith played. I liked that, he was really good. Not only did he make some shots, but he got us in some offense and got the ball where it was supposed to go a couple of times."

"Markell gave us a great lift. He did a great job."

"Malik, I thought he kind of manhandled them three or four times around the bucket."

"Torin had some great minutes too."

"I'm happy for Dennis.  A lot of expectations on that guy, and I put them on him too. I did by saying he's the best, and he is a great, great guard, and I love him. I'm happy for him. The first couple of games he struggled. He just had to put that smile on his face and play basketball. He did that tonight."

"Markell, Wow.  What a great lift he gave us off the bench... great minutes."

"We took away the three but they were beating us a little too much off the dribble... really for the game, they made five three's and one was here in the last couple of seconds and two were back-to-back three's we gave up.  For the game we did a good job of that. We took the three away, they didn't really get going."

"Offensively, we really ran some stuff well. We did a good job of passing the ball."

"I liked it.  A lot of it came off some steals and turnovers. We turned those into fastbreaks, which is what I like. We also stepped up at the foul line."

"That's a pretty good team... you win 28 conference games the last two years, that's a lot. A good solid team we beat tonight.... as long as they stay healthy, we could see that team as a NCAA Tournament team or a team right in the mix in their conference."

NC State Junior Forward Abdul-Malik Abu
"Our coach staff, Schroyer, Orlando Early, Coach G, and Butch Pierre, they put us in the best position to go out there and guard any offense."

"They told us to get back to our principles... we knew they probably had 1,000 sets that we didn't go over, but when we stuck to our principles, it enables us to guard any offense."

"When BeeJay is out there he changes the whole dynamic of the game with his 7'9 wingspan and length around the rim.... sometimes he's vertical.  He's a very big guy and they penalize him for his size sometimes."

"The matchup zone is a tricky thing because you don't really know what to run against it. I don't want to give away too much because we'll probably use it a lot this season."

"It's been hard to learn because it's a different set of principles, it's more communication."

"Markell is going to be a great, great player. All he wants to do is listen and learn, and he's going to play hard.  He doesn't come in with any excuses or baggage... I'm proud to have him on our team. Wolfpack fans in Raleigh will get to know him really well because he's going to play and help us."

"That's one of my favorite dunks to do. I never did it in a college game... I was excited, and I went for it.  I normally make that dunk.. you should see some of the dunks Dennis does. It's outrageous. I'm getting old so I'll show you some here and there."

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