Tocho: "We Want It As Bad As Anybody"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior cornerback Jack Tocho met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

Press Conference: Jack Tocho (mp3 File)

What do you remember about that game two years ago?
It was a great team win.  We were able to go on their field, execute our gameplan, and impose our will, like Matthew said.  It was a phenomenal feeling and a great way to end the season and go to a bowl game.

Josh went on record after the Miami game and said we're going bowling. Is that the level of confidence you guys have?
Before the season began we were all convinced that we were going to a bowl game so whatever our record has been we still have that same feeling that we'll go to a bowl game.

Our vision and mindset hasn't changed, we still have the opportunity and we will be able to do that if we so desire to.

Your head coach faces some pressure here trying to get to a bowl.  As a guy who has played four years, what has he been able to do for you guys?
He's been open to more criticism this year, more feedback from us players... being able to understand what we don't like or do like, what will help us function more as a team and grow as a family so that when we're in adverse situations like we are now we still have the confidence to go out and execute our gameplan.

I know it's not up to you, but do you think he's done enough to deserve to continue to be head coach?
I think coach Doeren is doing the best job he can. It's not my decision to determine if whether or not he should continue to be head coach.  All I can do as a player is continue to work on my craft and continue to be a leader towards the younger guys on the team and help the team in any way that I can.

You're probably familiar with the North Carolina wide receivers. What stands out about them?
They are experienced.  They have a lot of gametime experience and how in sync they are with the quarterback... a lot of timing routes. A lot of times the ball is out of the quarterback's hand before they get out of their break so they have the chemistry. That's the biggest thing I see on film.

What stands out about Mitch Trubisky?
His poise in the pocket.  He's not a runner like Marquise was last year but he's standing confident in the pocket, waiting on the receivers to get open, whether he's being blitzed or under a four-man rush.

His poise has been impressive to me.

When you first got here people talked about how fast North Carolina plays.  Do you now see that as the norm?
My first year here tempo was a first-time experience for me, but now more teams play with tempo and I've become comfortable playing against an uptempo offense.

What was the meeting like yesterday after meeting with the coaches?
It's time to go back to work. You can't dwell on the past too much, especially with the short week that we have. Tackles is one of the big mistakes we made this past game. We'll learn from there what we can and focus on the gameplan for this week.

How were your feelings toward North Carolina growing up?
Well I grew up in Charlotte so there were a lot of UNC fans around, but I wasn't partial to either side. Once I made my commitment to NC State, my whole family was pro-NC State and we didn't appreciate Carolina fans too much.

Is there any value in considering the stakes of this game, in terms of not only your own future but Dave's future?
As players, we want it as bad as anybody wants it. This is the present and going to a bowl has been one of our goals all season. With that goal still in reach, we now want it more than ever.

Talk about Hood and Logan at running back.
Hood is a more power back. He's strong and hits the hole hard, he lowers his pads.  Logan is more of a speed back and he can catch the ball out of the backfield. They compliment each other really well.

What do you remember about the start of last year's game?
They had that bitter taste in their mouth from our win the previous year, and they came with a vengeance. I feel like we didn't come out as strong as we needed to, and that showed with the score in the first half.

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