Dayes: "I Don't Like Them"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior tailback Matt Dayes discusses the upcoming game against North Carolina.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Matt Dayes (mp3 File)

How much will you guys talk about your last trip there and that performance?
I don't know how much we'll talk about it, that's up to the coaches, but we haven't talked much about it since then.  That's about it.

What do you remember about it?
It was a great moment. We were able to run the ball on them pretty good. I thought that was probably the best moment, just being able to run the ball on them for many yards.

Is there anything about that game which can be true this week?
We obviously have different players now so we have to go out there and perform our best, try to do the same thing we did... just impose our will on them in the run game.

After Saturday's game everyone was confident that you would have a bowl game and beat UNC. Does this team have more confidence than in the last month or so?
You can see it in their eyes, they are hungry for this game this week because our backs are against the wall. We need to come out with a win to go to a bowl game.

You missed this game last year, what was it like watching that?
It sucks sitting on the sideline for any game, not just a rivalry game. It was hard to watch and not be able to be out there and help the team.

When you came here four years ago when did you realize how meaningful this game was?
Just throughout the week you see guys talking about how they once grew up a UNC fan and now they totally hate them, so throughout the week you hear how much they hate them and the coach talks about how much he hates them makes me realize that it's really serious here.

Has any of that hatred worn off on you?
I don't like them, but the guys on the team probably hate them more than I do being that most of them are from North Carolina.

But, I don't really like them either though.

You're the first to get over 1,000 yards since T.A. McLendon. What does that mean?
It was huge for us. The offensive line put in a lot of work in the offseason, and I did as well.  The tight ends are doing an awesome job blocking for me as well.

To be able to accomplish that was a big thing for us this year.

North Carolina's rush defense hasn't exactly been their forte. What have you seen from their front seven?
We feel like we can run the ball on anybody. We just have to cut down the mistakes, but we feel like we can run on anyone.

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