Huxtable: "We Need To Do More"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable talks about facing rival North Carolina.packpride

On UNC...
I mean, we know a lot of them, they know a lot of us. We've been playing against each other for a number of years since we've been here, so I think both teams are probably pretty familiar with each other.

I know Mitch gets a lot of the attention, but does it really start with Hood and Logan, trying to contain them? As last years go?
It does. They're two really good running backs. Strong, fast, physical guys. We're going to have to do a really good job of getting Hatch to the ball and tackling.

They're different styles, both of them.
Yeah. Hood's a big strong guy, but with really good speed for his size. And the other kid is fast. He's a return guy for them and everything else. They're both really good backs.

They try to create match ups with Switzer in the slot. What are some things you try to combat that with?
You can't always ... You've got to win the one-on-one. He's a really good player. Runs great routes. So we've got to play with really good fundamentals and footwork and then we'll try to do some things to get some help to him. But we're just going to have to win the one-on-one individual battles a lot of the time.

What difference do you see with Bug Howard since Hollins got injured - their receiver?
He's a big kid - lanky, long. Once he gets going in his route he's got tremendous speed, and ... Good ball-catcher. Their whole receiver core is a very talented group. Their running backs, their quarterback. We're going to have to be on top of our game - play well.

I think you guys have had 30 sacks and they've allowed 16 sacks. How do you see the trenches?
Our defensive line, it all starts up front. They are the strength of our ... They've been the strength of our defense. And whether it's run or whether it's pass - both sides of the line of scrimmage - that's where the battle begins. Our defensive line is going to have to show up and play big for us.

What have you noticed in Trubisky's development?
I think he really understands the offense, what they're trying to do. He's got a tremendous arm, he reads coverage. He can make all the throws. And you know what? He's a good runner. He does a good job with his feet. He's a really good all-around football player at that quarterback position.

I'm sure there's probably a lot of off-season talk about that first quarter against UNC, but have you had to talk much about it this week?
No. Haven't talked about it at all. That was ...

Because there was so much in the off-season?
That was then, this now. We're not going to look in the rear view mirror, look in the past. We've got this opponent coming up in just a couple days right here and have to be ready to play this year's opponent. What happened last year ... We don't need to go back there.

Do you take a lot of comfort out of the fact that your defense is doing everything it can to put you guys in a position to win games?
We need to do more, because we've been there to win some and haven't got it done. Football is the greatest team sport. Team sport, all right? Offense, defense, and specialties - you win together, you lose together, all right? We've got to do our job, and hopefully we can do it better this week.

Chance for more turnovers?
We've been creating some turnovers. We didn't create any this last week, all right? And that's a big part of the game, all right? We've got to be able to do that this week.

How easy or hard is it to separate trying to win Bowl eligibility, the rivalry, or just focusing it as a "Let's go 1-0 this week?"
I think it's all about "Let's go 1-0 this week." It's a one-game season. Let's not look ahead to "If this, if that." It's a rivalry game, okay? But let's just focus on what we have to do to prepare our self to go to battle with ... Give it our best.

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