Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the 28-21 win over North Carolina.

"It feels really good to get that win... I'm still enjoying it right now."

"The fourth quarter kind of got me on the edge of my seat, but I knew we'd pull it out."

"We went out there and played."

"We did a good job of jumping out on them."

"We did exactly what our coaches wanted us to do and got the job done."

"It felt great. They deserve it. All the fans deserve it. It's been a tough season, but everyone deserves it."

"I told them last week after the game that we were going to win this game.  I guaranteed a win because I believe in my brothers and I believe in my coaching staff.  That's what happened."

"It was just confidence in this team... knowing we can line up against anybody and get the W."

"You can't let the negativity creep into your mind."

"We could have easily gave up, but we didn't. We could have easily gave in after last week and hung our heads, but we kept our heads high. We went out and fought today, and we beat our rivals."

"We've been through a lot together.  People can say what they want to, but I know what my head coach stands for and what he's all about. All the losses we had, you can't put on him. The players go out there and play. We have to execute the plan."

"I just keep focus... you hear about it, but you don't let that affect how we play.  Our leader is our head coach, coach Doeren.  He told us to go out here and cut everything loose."

"He's handled everything wonderful... he's been positive the whole time."

"He remained positive... as a leader, people look to you."

"It's not even a team moment, it's a family moment."

"For us to win, it's that much more meaningful."

"We've been that close, but today we were able to get past that hump."

"I wanted to play for the seniors."

"I love Matt to death... I just wanted him to get another game."

"It is Matt's senior year.... I'm just doing my role and when my number is called I'll do the best I can to make plays."

"I've always had confidence in my play."

"We have a lot of depth, especially at the running back position."

"We knew what we had to do, to get to a bowl game."

"I don't really know... I feel everybody was the same the whole time, every game. I just think we executed what we needed to do this game. We did enough to get the W."

"I'm a positive person. I knew we were going to a bowl game."

"Everybody else has been like that all week."

"I just got a little hungry afterwards. I wanted a snack before I went to the locker room."

"It's a big rivalry. To come in that stadium and win, that's a huge thing."

"It was such a crucial situation, but I'm fine now."

"I'm so happy for our team, so happy for our guys, so happy for the coaching staff."

"We're bowl-eligible now... I'm very happy."

"A rivalry game... it's UNC versus NC State.  The two teams in North Carolina. I was definitely excited for it."

"We came ready play... we got out to a fast start. I think we controlled the stadium the entire game with our energy."

"Our o-line dominated... absolutely dominated."

"I was just managing that game and letting those guys work up there."

"They are great guys and they want the best for us."

"You have to stick behind everyone that is with you."

"Everybody is always against us. Our backs are always against the wall."

"We kept fighting, and we got the win today."

"Both... I say both.  We didn't want to cut it short. We're very close as a team and we always talk... we wanted to come out here and play for each other one last time."

"We knew we weren't going out of here with a loss."

"They came out and dominated. It was amazing.  I don't know if those guys expected us to lay down for them, but the o-line dominated."

"I felt we should have done a better job."

"The play before that he kind of clothes-lined me.  I was upset about that. I tried to run hard on the next one."

"They came back at the end."

"It was tough because I was kind of gassed out there a little bit."

"There's no better feeling than that."

"It was a great feeling."

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