Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over Loyola-Chicago.

"We just decided that enough was enough. We didn't play the way we'd like to in the first half. We had to come out and make plays in the second half."

"It was about making a statement in the second half."

"Energy... that's the only thing. We have to come out with more energy. Maybe we need more dunks in warmups or something."

"Against really good teams we can't come out with slow starts. We'll work on it."

"I think we had good chemistry even in the earlier games. It's about being comfortable. "

"It's just energy that's all it is."

"I go to NC State.  My brother goes to Carolina."

"I had some neutral colors on... he played special teams, a little bit at safety."

"I'm a college athlete, I can't make any wagers."

"They are a good team, Big Ten... that will be good for us."

"That will help us to be able to grow."

"I wanted to come out aggressive. I knew they were a good team. They were down in the Virgin Islands with us."

"We really struggled tonight getting stops."

"When we started pressuring the ball a little bit and getting them uncomfortable that helped us a lot."

"We have to get better at little things like that."

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