Gottfried: "My Team Is Going To Get Better"

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the loss to Illinois.

Opening Statement:
Let me just say congratulations. I thought John had his team ready to play. They did a great job.

I thought the game probably in a nutshell was experience vs. inexperience.  We played like an inexperienced team and they played like an experienced team. They have some veteran players, guys who have played a lot of basketball.

We at times turned the ball over too much and defensively we were trying to find that home run defensive play instead of being fundamentally sound... have a little bit of poise. I thought we got hurried a number of times.

I thought they did a good job.  You have to give those guys credit.

My team is going to get better. We'll improve as the year goes on.  It was a great experience for us. We played a lot of young guys. We had three freshmen on the floor a lot for us and three sophomores, and we have to learn how to have a little more poise.

Did the ever-evolving Illinois rotation make it difficult...
It didn't make a big difference for us. They played a lot of guys but with Abrams, Hill... the inside guys were effective enough. I don't think that was a factor in the game.

Do you think fatigue was a factor late?
Well we were a little short-handed. We have some guys not with us yet.

Take a young guy for us like Ted Kapita, it was only his third college game as a freshman. He's only played three games.

I don't know if fatigue was a big factor for our team as much as, we were down six and our young guys treated it as if we were down 16... wrap around and steal from behind like at the park in summer league. That's where young guys have to learn to have poise in those situations, on the road or at home.

I don't know if fatigue got us, I don't think we had the poise our team needed to have. I thought they did.  

You get that when you have veterans. We'll play a lot of good teams this year, but we won't play very many teams that have as many older players like they did.

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