Gottfried: My Hope Is [Rowan] Will Play

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the Wolfpack.

What did you think of Torin Dorn's form when you saw it?
One thing he has is a great release.  Sometimes he may shoot it flat, but the one thing with Torin is he shoots with great confidence, and he's worked so hard at it that it's not a surprise because you feel if a guy works that hard he deserves to make some.

The biggest thing right now with his shooting is his confidence.  He's rising up there, not hesitating, and he's making shots. It's been a big plus for us.

Sometimes you may look down here and see guys shooting shots?
Every now and then, but Torin is always in the gym. He works at it.  During practice he takes every shooting drill serious and every time you work on something he does it right.

Go figure. Here's a guy who plays hard, has a great attitude, and gets better and better. Surprise, surprise. When you work at stuff like he has, you get better. 

He's done a great job at that.

How much has his green light changed since the Ga. Southern game?
When he's open from the three-point line I don't want him turning it down.  He's proven he can make it, making it at a high percentage, so when he's open and in a good rhythm, I'm not taking that away from him. 

He's proven that to me.

How important are the contributions from those Terry, Torin, and Dennis?
It's important and has been important because Maverick has only played in one game, and they've done a great job, along with Markell on the perimeter. All four of those guys have probably played collectively more minutes if Maverick hadn't been out with a concussion, but it was nice to see those guys.

None of them played last year and have stepped in and done a pretty good job early on.

How is Maverick Rowan doing?
Maverick is good. Today we put him in shooting drills, some dummy drills with no defense, some man-to-man offense, those types of things.

We'll see on Saturday. My hope is he'll play. We'll have to temper expectations a little bit because he hasn't broken a sweat since November the 10th or so, whenever that Georgia Southern game was.  It's been three weeks.

I'm sure his conditioning has suffered a little bit his timing, rhythm, those things. I do think it's important for him to get in there and get going again.

You didn't really notice Torin out of high school...
Our staff did, but at the same time we were focused on the twins, and with the twins there were two of them, not one but two. If the twins were a single, we'd have probably recruited Torin.

It's like with Terry. I've told him 100 times that I made a mistake not recruiting him harder the first time around. Sometimes that happens. I'm glad Torin's here now, and he's doing a great job.

Boston is a veteran team, preseason second in the league, a lot of seniors, fifth-year seniors...
Every time I look at the scouting report it's like I'm looking at a group of seniors and fifth-year seniors almost every game, but at the end of the day I like that.  I think we're playing against teams that will have good years.  I think Boston will.  Very, very well-coached team... guys who have played a bunch of college basketball.

Our young guys have to grow up fast, I've told them that. I'm not going to sit around and talk about how young we are, have pity on them. We have to grow up quick, we have to play. Our young guys have to get older quick for us to have a chance to be a good team this year.

You've been a work-in-progress defensively...
I think saying our defense is a work-in-progress is a good stretch because I think it's been pretty bad. It has to be a lot better. It's been the point of emphasis the last couple of days.

Some of it is our personnel, we don't have our whole team. Some of it is being young. Some of it is we have to get better and have pride, guard someone a little better. That's my job as the coach, to make them, get them to play defense better. 

It's something we work on all the time, but we are trying to do some different things, new things and maybe that's been a factor, but I do think this team can become a really good defensive team in time.

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