Henderson: "We're Just Here To Compete"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior wing Terry Henderson met with the media to discuss the Wolfpack.

I have some Torin questions for you.

I figure you're an expert about that topic.
Yeah, a little bit. Yeah.

How did he fix his jumper do you think?
Just putting in a lot of work over the summertime. You know, each and every day we come in and we take that really serious. We split up in our guards and bigs segment of practice and we take that shooting part seriously. This about competing every day. This competition going to make everybody better. It made him better a lot.

Are you taking any credit for his improved jump shooting?
I mean, I can.

No horse games?

Horse games?
Horse, yeah, that's a lot of trick shots too. No, he put in a lot of work, man. I give him a lot of credit. It's not surprising to see.

How would you describe that before he quote end quote "fixed it"? It's flat, right?
Flat, a little flat. I mean, it's still kinda flat, but he shooting at a high level and a high rate. We want him to keep being aggressive, keep making those shots.

Is that like a golfer or somebody's running hot, you don't want to talk about it? Or are you just-
Yeah. If it ain't broke, don't' fix it, you know what I'm saying? That's the main thing with him and he need to stay positive with it.

To put Torin in perspective, do you know like every good player in the state of North Carolina in the last probably six years? Do you even know Torin?
Na, he was in the...

I know he was younger than you. Did you even know him?
He was in Malik's class. I don't even think I was there during the Carolina Challenge. They told me they used to have this Carolina Challenge back in the day. All them main guys from North Carolina. When I left my last year, I remember coming back one time and that was to see Dennis, which is famous. I wasn't even paying attention like that.

There's no surprise, man. He puts in a lot of work. Underdog all this life just like me. We're at this level now, so we're just here to compete.

Do you think he's gotten the Carolina out of his system?
Yeah, he's all State. He got a supportive brother. That's what he got to do. I know that when he steps on the floor he's always excited.

How much does UNC probably wish they had him now?
I don't know. You're going to have to ask Roy that. I'm not sure.


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