Lyas Loved Every Minute Of Official Visit

NC State commit Xavier Lyas talks with Pack Pride about his official visit to Raleigh and future plans.

Durant (FL) defensive end Xavier Lyas loved every minute of his official visit to NC State a few weeks ago. Now there is very little standing between him and signing with the Pack.

Lyas (6-6, 215) took his official visit to NC State during Homecoming Weekend when Boston College traveled to Carter-Finley.

"It was amazing. It was amazing just from walking up there to having a family feel. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it. The players were cool. The coaches were cool. I felt like I've been there for years."

Isaiah Stallings was the player who hosted Lyas while he was visiting. Lyas said Stallings and the other team members impressed him because they did not put off the vibe of being better than anyone.

"They were humble. They were super humble people. It's like the players didn't act like they were all good or anything. They just acted like normal people so they were super cool. The coaches were really down to earth too. Actually each and every one of them came up to me without even knowing me sometimes. They were asking me 'how are you doing Xavier? How are you doing? Are you liking your visit?'

"The coach I talked to the most was Coach Doeren. Really there was three of them but it was mostly Coach Doeren and Coach Nielsen. That's who I talked to the most."

Lyas is graduating from Durant High School in the coming days so he will have Christmas break and then he will move into NC State a semester earlier than those who will be signing in February.

"Coach Doeren wants me to come up there around 225 and then Coach Nielsen said I can get up to 240 easily. They just want me ready for their season. I'm 100% with them and ready to get up there."

Lyas said he was "very excited" by NC State's win over UNC and he looks forward to watching the team in a bowl game.

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