POSTGAME: Anya, Henderson Discuss The Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State seniors BeeJay Anya and Terry Henderson met with the media to discuss the win over Tennessee State.

NC State Senior Wing Terry Henderson
"I'll never lose faith in my teammates."

"He had a great game. We needed that from him."

"I'm looking for him, trying to get him going."

"He's always a happy guy. We're all athletes. Of course when we're not playing we will feel some kind of way, but we work hard at our craft everyday."

"It helps us a lot. Growing from this performance and moving forward.  I'm happy we got the win. We have to keep moving forward. We had a great week of practice this past week."

"Once we saw the opportunity... we had that last shot to finish out the game, missed it, but in overtime we gathered, rallied together. I like the toughness in our guys to get the win."

"It was unbelievable. I sat out the last time we played in here, against Wofford, we lost on the final shot, and I was actually watching the re-runs of that game two nights ago. That atmosphere was crazy.  I knew today would be even crazier."

"It was fun, and I think the Reynolds Magic guided that bank shot in from the corner."

When we are in the flow of the game, we're just out there playing really."

"You couldn't really hear each other talk... we couldn't hear so that's probably why [the offense] was looking like that at times."

"Just digging deep, finding that mental toughness. We all had to bring it. I told Dennis as soon as we went to overtime, 'Let's get this win.'  They were a good team too. For us to come back and get that win, it's a great win for us."

"I'm looking forward to the next practice, getting ready for App. State."

NC State Senior Center BeeJay Anya
"What does melancholy even mean."

"Like Terry said, coach got me going early with post touches. The game was physical. The team we played today was one of those teams where you have to bring your 'A' game and show your toughness."

"That's one of the things I'm good at, being tough, and being a bully.  I started off early, and they got me going."

"I loved it."

"I hadn't seen them before.  They came in here and thought they could punk us.  I'm not a punk. That's one thing you won't do to me. I came in, heard them talking, and it got me going."

"I appreciated it.  I started off slow this season, had a stretch of not playing well, but knowing the fans still have my back, no matter what.  It's a good feeling."

"The last time we played in here we lost, but it's always good playing in Reynolds. Being in here you get the feeling of past teams, Jimmy V., all the good times that's happened in Reynolds."

"It kind of reminds me of high school a little bit. You have people on top of you... it's crazy when the crowd goes wild."

"I loved it.  It was my last time playing in here, so good to go out with a bang."

"We were struggling a little bit on defense, so this week we took a lot of pride on guarding and focusing on our defensive principles."

"Today we played a team that tries to will their way to the basket... it benefits me because I'm a shot blocker."

"They crash the glass a lot, really hard. I had to come up with a lot of rebounds today."

"Emotions were flying. I don't remember what was said."

"My main focus is winning. Whoever is out there, I'm expecting whatever coach wants us to do, in terms of the greatest plan for us to win."

"If it's one night Ted, one night Omer, one night me or Malik... that's all that matters, a victory. Tonight Ted didn't play as much and I played more. Who knows next game?"

"Whoever is available to play and ready to play or playing the best will play. That's how we'll approach it."

"We have four guys down low who can really get after it, and it makes it better in practice."

"With Omer back it will help us better. When people get in foul trouble we'll have more bodies, and Omer is a very skilled player who can score the ball.  It's another scorer for us on our team. He stretches the floor out as well.  His game is going to add to what we already have and will make us better. We're happy to have him back next game. In practice he's been getting a lot of reps in with us, and he's looking good."

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