Artur Sitkowski (photo by Brian Dohn)

4-Star Junior QB Planning To Visit In January

4-star junior quarterback Artur Sitkowski has been offered by NC State, and he's planning to visit the Pack in January.

Before Artur Sitkowski is done with his time as a recruit he might have his pick of any school in the country. He has already started to think about which schools he likes the most and some seem to have a better chance than others. NC State is far from his first offer but Sitkowski (6-4.5, 208) is still willing to listen to what the coaches have to say.

Sitkowski didn't put up gaudy numbers in 2016 when he passed for 1190 yards, five touchdowns and ten picks, but that does not seem to have calmed the enthusiasm that college coaches have for him. There is a good reason for that. Old Bridge runs an option offense that is not exactly made for a player like Sitkowski who is more comfortable passing from the pocket.

Eliah Drinkwitz coaches the quarterbacks at State and he is the coach who has been recruiting Sitkowski.

"Coach D, the offensive coordinator came down to my school (last Thursday) and basically told my head coach that I'm a great player. He thinks I'm a really good player and he wants to get me down to NC State. He told my coach they wanted to offer me a scholarship and that means a lot."

State has not recruited Sitkowski for as long as a lot of the other schools that are in the picture but he is a veteran of the recruiting process and knows how to do some good research in a short amount of time.

"I know Coach D was a good coach at Boise State and two years ago he played a true freshman. That true freshman played very well for him. That's something that stands out. They're a pretty new school to me, but I've always heard about them as a good school in the ACC."

If anyone wonders if Sitkowski will be open to NC State even though they are latecomers to the party they should consider his plans. The 4-star quarterback said he will make it to Raleigh for one of the program's Junior Days in January of 2017.

This fall the only schools Sitkowski visited were Maryland and Rutgers. Syracuse and Duke offered Sitkowski earlier this month so Sitkowski could be checking out several ACC schools early next year. Before that Ole Miss and Florida were his most recent offers dating back to October and August.

Sitkowski has been to the state of North Carolina before. He was at a quarterback camp in Chapel Hill in the past.


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