Yurtseven: "I'll Be Excited"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State freshman center Omer Yurtseven met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Appalachian State.

How excited are you?
I'm looking forward to playing, just stepping out on the court. It's not seen as a big game, but it's a big game for me.

I'll be concentrating. I'll be excited.

What has the process been like?
It's been way faster than I expected, to be honest. At first, nine seemed like a long way, but with the practices everyday, it's been fast.

What have you wanted to work on?
Mostly getting used to the team... just getting used to it.  Getting comfortable.  It's a new environment so I just wanted to get comfortable. 

This process helped me a lot with that.

Anything you learned by watching?
When you watch games you can see that our defense isn't at a point we want it, so we have to, I'll have to adapt to the system.

The four games before the ACC is going to be a process that will help me adapt.

What's been the toughest thing about not being able to play and sitting on the bench?
Sitting on the bench... it's like you always smell the food but you never get to eat it. That's how you can call it. That's the perfect example.

How does it help that you've been able to see what some of the guys like to do on the court?
When you look from the outside you can see what they want to do and help them out.

What's the number one thing you want to accomplish on Thursday?
Win the game. We have to get wins.

How does it feel to know that the team now has all the parts back?

For the first time we have all the parts back and everyone is trying to get used to each other and ready for whatever challenge that is coming at us. I can't say it is going to be perfect because we will get better every day.

How much does it help that you have played with a lot of different teams over the years?

You have just got to respect their game and make them respect you as long if you get along. If you don't get along, you talk to them. It has not happened up to now. I hope it doesn't happen. It is just about giving each other respect.

How do you balance what you can do individually with blending in with the team?

I don't see myself as a selfish player. I think other payers like to lay with me because I believe that I can pass the ball. If you can pass the ball everyone wants to play with you. I think they will want to play with me and I want to play with them.

Have you done more strength training recently?

I didn't lift as much as I did until I got here. This lifting here is way, way more than what I used to do. Back there we played 65 games a year, that's two a week, so you didn't have time. The nine-game period I had off, Coach Alejo helped me out a lot.

Have you gained weight since August?

I think I have gained 13 pounds.

What did you figure out in the two games you were allowed to play?

Watching helped too. When you watch you can see a lot of players foul out and I believe the reason the refs are trying to -- there are some new rules coming in -- so they are trying to adapt themselves to the new rules. They are trying to get the game softer is what I think, so you have to be smart about it.

Are you nervous?

I am not nervous. I am trying to get myself nervous so I can concentrate more but I am not nervous. I am excited.

What are your expectations for yourself?

That is not my decision to make. I want to play. If I can I would like to play 40 minutes. When you come in you have to 20,25,30 and it has to build up and you have to gain those minutes. I think it is going to be a process.

Does Coach Gottfried's offense take advantage of your strengths?

We have sets for every player. Whoever is hot at that moment, he is going to get the ball.

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