Gottfried: "It Was A Good Night For Us"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over App State.

"It was a good win and I think two or three things stand out to me. Defensively I do believe we'll get better. We are getting better. I think our depth will help us defensively. We can keep fresh bodies in the game."

"Our foul shooting tonight was important. We stepped up there and did a good job."

"Offensively we shared the ball well. I think we had 19 assists... overall it was a good night for us."

"I thought Omer did really well. Like every player I like to go home and watch the tape, dissect it like a frog, but he did good. He could rebound a little bit better. I liked the fact that he hit the three.  He just needs to get comfortable.  He had 12 points. The more he plays... learns how to defend here in the United States, I think the sky is the limit."

"Torin plays every night. He does everything he can to help his team win. Defensively I thought he was really good. He rebounds the ball well... it's hard to get down on Torin for anything because he does so much to help his team."

"I think that what happens, our guys have great confidence in Omer and his ability to pass the ball. They know he's a good passer.  He's also a good face-up shooter, which he did tonight. He made a jumpshot at the foul line, a three-point shot. When the ball is in his hands at the high-post area, he's really effective, and they know that."

"He can find the ways to score within the offense, but I do think our guys are excited about playing with him because he is such a good passer."

"We had the shot clock off and for our team, I think Omer took a shot with seven seconds to go, missed it, and they scored. That's one of those where if you're going to shoot it with six or seven seconds, you better make it... he knew right away.  You have to make that or if not, let's just wait until the last shot."

"I thought Dennis was terrific. What I liked the most about Dennis tonight was he dove on the floor twice. To me, that sets the tone for our team. He was making jumpshots, 11-of-12 from the foul line, defensively he was good. I thought he played really well."

"I thought they were both pretty good. Maverick as the game wore on, got better."

"You're not allowed to do anything, bike, sweating... for him it was about getting his legs under him to get some stamina."

"Ted is a young guy that just needs to keep learning. I thought both of those guys did a good job."

"I'm not sure how our lineup will eventually work out. Our guys understand, play better, play more. It's old-fashioned... been around 150 years I think.  It works that way.  It's sports. They know it."

"I don't think there was any one combination. We played well, defended well, and got a little bit better."

"Dennis and I have talked a bunch about how much he's grown as a freshman. He's seen things how teams are trying to defend him."

"My message for Omer was to relax. He was excited today, you could tell. He was so excited that he had his warmup shirt on and forgot to put his jersey on underneath his warmup.  He had to do that on the bench.  He was excited. He's a young guy who has wanted to play college basketball for a long time."

"Take it slow, it's going to come.  He'll get better every night and every game he'll learn something different to apply for the next game."

"For a seven-foot player, he does see the floor really well and passes really well. For him around the foul line, he's so tall and can see over the defense. He makes good decisions with the ball. He does it everyday in practice and our guys know that. That's why I said they are excited to play with him, his ability to pass the ball."

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