Locker Room Report: Yurtseven, Smith Talk Win

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Omer Yurtseven and Dennis Smith met with the media after NC State's win over App State.

"It's great. We have four bigs. We didn't have that last year and didn't have it to start this year."

"I wouldn't say it felt like a season opener. I wouldn't think anything would feel like that."

"It was a good game though, I'm glad everyone is back."

"We have a lot of great players... we're just going to stick together as a team and we're going to take on anybody."

"That will bring the best out of everybody. The harder guys go in practice the better we'll be in games."

"It will be something to see going forward."

"I just told him to go out there and be Omer.  He's a phenomenal player, one of the best bigs in the country."

"He got adjusted quick, as you all saw, and it's going to be a great year for him."

"Nobody is dunking like Shaun Kirk.  He's a monster."

"It made it easy for me because we play together pretty well.  Individually, just us two, we work out a lot so we know each other's games."

"I think we've been better defensively.  They told that it starts with me so in practice I'm talking trash, trying to make everybody go hard and in games I try to bring that same energy."

"He just has to wall up.  He's a seven-footer."

"I got to the free throw line.  It starts with defense. We had a lot of energy on defense and I was able to get out in transition. Our bigs threw some great outlet passes. The refs were blowing the whistle pretty well tonight."

"I work on free throws after every game."

"It was very exciting.  A lot of our guys are really good."

"We came in like we needed to get our first blowout win, and we got it."

"Probably the cheers. After I scored the first point, that was the best part of this game."

"Defense... I'm getting used to it.  I have to adjust."

"That's probably why... it's just adapting to the system, referees. I had four or five fouls. I have to watch that."

"I wasn't nervous. I was excited though.  The first time I went on the court I was excited."

"I've seen a lot of guys fouls out in the nine games I fouled out so I tried not to do the things they did.  I was trying to play it safe."

"You just have to watch the referees. They tell you what you shouldn't do."

"Not anxiety... I was just excited, that's it.  Anxiety, that gets you down.  If I was getting anxious it would happen in the nine games."

"I knew that I wasn't going to start because it was my first game, but as I said, it felt really good once I stepped on the court."

"I kind of got a taste of it.  I didn't fill up but I have way more games to play."

"On offense, I had a bad decision, we had six more seconds on the clock. I took the shot and missed it. That's what we were talking about."

"If I'm open I'll shoot."

"He works hard, I work hard.  It's really great.  When you see him push himself, you're like I'm going to push myself more. I don't know if it's the other way around, but that's how I feel."

"I might have pointed to the wrong guy, but I called his name though."

"We're building a relationship because big men have to look out for each other... there's big men you have to guard together."

"That's the thing we're trying to add more and more every practice."

"It's all Ted.  He goes hard, one-on-one rebounding.  This [scar] is two months and it still hasn't healed."

"The deeper we are the more we push each other. I believe that's a great thing."

"I wasn't nervous."

"I expected less fans. There were a lot of fans.  I expected everybody to be out of town with Christmas break and all that. There were a lot of fans out there."

"We'll be ready for them."

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