Gottfried: "It Was A Good Night"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over McNeese State.

Opening Statement:
First thoughts, I think we're getting better defensively, and I like some things we're doing.  Our rebounding was really good tonight.

The key was the start of the game.  Your biggest concern right before Christmas is guys have their mind on being with their families and getting out. We talked to our team about being mentally prepared to play. I thought we came out early locked in, which was great. 

The start of the game set the tone for the game. So, we accomplished that and played pretty well. We shared the ball well, and defensively we are getting better.  Overall, it was a good night.  

Maverick Rowan seems to be shaking the rust off. What did his play give you?
The thing with Maverick, the No. 1 thing is to get in shape. That's not a knock on Maverick. He had three weeks where he was shut down.  As he builds his stamina, his conditioning, I think he's going to be very valuable to our team.

I wanted to play him tonight... we had a nice lead... I played him in long stretch so he could work through that.  For him, that's a matter of time. He did shoot it well tonight, and overall I thought he did a nice job.

Is it important for him to adjust to his role... rather than being a starter, having to come off the bench?
It is what it is for right now.  Part of it, when you're hurt and you're out, other guys step up and play. Torin has had a great start to the year, as had Terry.  My message to all those guys is we need all of you, whether you're starting or not starting, coming off the bench, it doesn't matter.

Nothing is in concrete.  I'm not going to make my mind up to stay one way or another.  We'll see how the team develops, but we need them all to play well.

The offense nearly had 90 points for three games...
We would have liked to have everybody sooner, but we didn't. Here we are. We're kind of at that place right now where normally you're at in mid-November... playing guys to see who can do what, the rotations you should have... we have to do that here late in December.

I think we're still learning about our team. Offensively, I like that they are passing the ball. They really share the ball with each other. We'll see how we keep developing in that regard.

Offensively, if we move it and share it, we will score points. I think we'll continue to get better defensively, which we have the last couple of weeks.

Thoughts on rotations...
We have a lot of different combinations to help us offensively. Terry is a good shooter, he knocked down four or five quick ones the other night. Maverick's making them. Dennis... I think Torin is capable.

We have a number of guys who can makes three's, a number of guys who can score around the basket. Omer helps all that in the high-post, he's such a good passer.

Malik's even passing it better now because it's contagious... Malik made a couple of nice passes tonight. 

I like how we're moving the ball.  It's becoming contagious with our team.

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