Samuels: "I'm Excited"

NC State junior tight end Jaylen Samuels talks with Pack Pride.

NC State junior tight end Jaylen Samuels talks with Pack Pride.


Opening Thoughts...
We've just got to go out there, execute, do what we've got to do and listen to whatever our coaches say and just have fun with each other.

Coach talked about wanting to beat a SEC team. Does that resonate with the young guys on the team? It resonates to coaches. Does it resonate to the players?
Yeah, I mean everybody. We're looking at this game, we're playing an SEC opponent again, like we did last year. So you know we just want to come out this year and have a different outcome. Everybody has been going hard at practice you know, just trying to get those reps for young guys, you know, getting ready for the next year. So we had a great two weeks of practice. I think we're excited to go down there and play.

They may have already asked you but talk playing this SEC team. Easy for me to say, right?
Yeah, I mean I'm excited, you know, I'm always excited to play a great team, great conference. So I'm always excited to play. For them to be an SEC team I'm just ready to get down there, you know, so we can change the outcome from what we did last year against Mississippi State.

Do you guys get sick of hearing about SEC teams?
Yeah, I mean I don't really care about it. We all put the same pads on, same weights, so I'm just going to go out there and do I got to do, and everybody got to do their part.

What is it about Vanderbilt that you look at them on defense and impresses you the most?
I mean, they're not very athletic, they stand out, but they're smart. So they be where they need to be ... they line up where they need to be. They got great football players, they got great size, great everything. So I'm just ready for the matchup.

How much pep in your step do you have after beating Carolina? Had a little break here ... practice is going well.
Yeah, it's been a little break but ... trying to get back into it, trying to stay in shape. We've been running a lot the last couple of days with Coach Thunder. So he's just trying to keep our bodies the same, how they were when the season ended. So I'm just ready

Is it a momentum builder for you guys when you beat your rival headed into a bowl game? Does it give you an extra step?
I think it does. Just ending the season off the right way ... beating our rival school, which every school wants to do. So I think it gave us a lot of momentum, especially giving us an extra game to go play in the bowl game.

The last couple of days we've had a couple of running backs saying they're not playing in the bowl game. Just your thoughts as an offensive player when you have guys like that not playing in a bowl game ... what's your take on that?
I mean, I can kind of see where they're coming from injury wise and money wise. But I mean, it'll always be an honor to play your last couple of games with your brothers. I mean I admire what they're doing because obviously the choice they made is a lifetime decision. So I mean, I don't really got no say so.

What's your perspective on Matt Dayes ... the type of guy he is and type of career he's had at NC State?
Oh you know he's a great player, he's done a lot for us for all four years. I wish nothing but the best for him at the next level cause I see the potential that he could be one of the greatest running backs. Yeah, he's a great football player.

And you think he will make the next level? You think he has that skill set?
Yeah, most def.

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