POSTGAME: McCloud, Meadows Discuss The Win

SHREVEPORT, LA -- NC State's Trae Meadows and Nick McCloud met with the media after the win over Vanderbilt in the Independence Bowl.

"We knew a win would prepare us for next season, facing another SEC opponent."

"I think this win was huge."

"I thought we could have done that this year. The ball bounced against us a couple of times... we just have to learn to finish."

"I really feel like we were in a position all year to come in and make plays... Mike got injured so they told me I had to step up."

"Vanderbilt was one of my last teams in recruiting so that was really blowing my mind."

"They kept telling me to be ready to play."

"Last night I sat down with my coach and watched film, looking at third down routes, down and distance."

"There were only one or two routes that could happen."

"I was playing a trail technique."

"I made a big play to change the game. I was looking at it like I made a play."

"I've been on special teams, a role player."

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