POSTGAME: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media win over Rider.

"We're hitting our stride... to get a good look at what's to come.  I feel like we put it all together as a team."

"We have no choice but to be [ready]. These 18 conference games are all dire.  We have to, as a collective, win each game."

"When he's passing the ball, 10-plus assists, usually the outcome will be a win because we have a lot of talented guys on the offensive end."

"It was time to get ready. It's time to fine tune our abilities out there."

"Offensively, we know we're really talented.  We want to go out and stop teams, keep them shooting 34 or 35 percent."

"His dunk was vicious, but I had more so I won."

"It's going to be interesting for me. This is my third year doing it, and I'm really excited. I'm trying to get these young guys excited to play these top tier teams."

"[Playing on the road] will be fun.  It's going to be in Miami. If you are going on the road you might as well get some sun."

"I love the warm weather, that's why I'm here... no snow."

"We don't have to go out there and hunt shots. I think we had 25 or 26 assists on 40 baskets. When we're playing and moving the ball like that, the sky is the limit."

"I try to tell Omer he's a super talent. All he has to do is take his time and he's unstoppable."

"He's unstoppable.  Just go out there, defend, and you can do anything you want to."

"Ted is unstoppable on the glass too.  I have to get out of here. These young kids keep getting better every year.  The young guys will push us to the next level."

"Coach keeps telling us our strength is our team."

"If we score 99 a game I'll be pretty happy.  I won't complain."

"In basketball, anything can happen."

"I'll do what I can do best.  If it's rebounding, I'll do it."

"I believe I can do everything to help my team win."

"If Coach Gottfried feels like, Ted you need to rebound the ball more for us to win, that's what I'll do."

"It's pretty much not about me. It's about the team."

"We've got better defensively. That's pretty obvious. Before, we didn't know what to do on defense all the time."

"Now we've got better, we're playing harder, and everybody wants to win."

"No one wants to lose right now, since that loss to Illinois."

"Our offense has always been there. We have a lot of options, a lot of plays. We just have to execute it right, but the key was the defense."

"The defense was the key."

"Malik, Omer, they change their mindset and want to rebound the ball well too."

"We're playing as a team. We have all our pieces back and we're rolling right now. We're beating teams how we're supposed to beat them lately, and that's a good sign."

"I think we should have went undefeated, if that's what you're referencing. I think we should have won the two games we lost, but we look forward to playing them another day."

"We have. It took time. We knew that coming into the season... a couple of guys would be out for a while. Mav was unexpected, but Ted and Omer we expected them to miss a couple of games. We knew there would be a learning curve."

"We take every challenge head on, regardless of who it is. We have Miami on Saturday, our first conference game... we're looking forward to going down there and getting the win."

"Malik... he caught it in the middle, took one dribble."

"To each his own."

"Honestly, because I heard him asking the ref where did I  foul him... like he blocked it or something.  I said the next one down I'll put on his head.  The next play down I put it on his head."

"I'll take my statement back... Mav had the best dunk tonight. That was a shocker... I saw him gathering, and I thought he'd catch an old-man layup."

"It's great.  It's a great feeling. It makes the game easier for everybody. They always find themselves open, and I have to find them more often. They made shots, and that was a major key. We have a great team.  Me getting 16 assists, I can't get that shooting the ball.  We have a great team, and they made shots."

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