POSTGAME: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over No. 21 Virginia Tech.

"That opened up everything for the guards to make jumpshots and get in the lane as well."

"I agree 100%. We needed that Miami game for everybody as a unit to wake up and understand that this is the best league in the country."

"Any given night, you can lose."

"We have to keep competing."

"Just playing hard... playing how we know we can play. That was the most energy I've seen since probably Tennessee State. I loved every minute of it... our fans were going crazy the whole time."

"If we do that, the sky is the limit."

"He's not normal.  He's one-of-a-kind.  He understands that and doesn't get to high or too low. He's the humblest kid I know."

"I'm proud of him.  It's a big accomplishment.  Whether he knows it or not, it probably hasn't hit him yet, but it's a big deal. To get a win to go along with that, that's pretty good too."

"It's a team game for me. I don't get mad at someone else eating. I want them to eat. I'll play my role and if everyone plays their role... we'll feed off that."

"He's a great playmaker. Once we make shots, get in transition... everybody comes to play, the sky is the limit."

"That's crazy. Tell Jules to stop hating."

"It means a lot. This is a great school, great program, dating back to '74 when they won a national championship. To be able to do that at this school, it's definitely an honor."

"We plan on staying undefeated at home... we don't plan on losing anymore games on the road either, but we're holding down homecourt like we're supposed to."

"Toughness... that was the main word. We didn't have that at Miami. We had it here and we got a win against a ranked opponent. We plan on keeping it going."

"Great players... we got a lot of really good players on our team. A lot of people are sleeping on us, but we aren't worried about that.  We know what we have. If everyone plays to their full potential we'll be a really good team this season."

"I really don't know... I'm just running down the court."

"I got mobbed by the whole team in there. They were happy for me... that's where teamwork starts. If everyone is happy for each other, great things can happen."

"We weren't tough at Miami and that was our focal point. We achieved that."

"We're definitely more prepared... we're ready for it, but we're looking at it like another game. We have to go in and dominate."

"The practices were tough, everybody was competing. There was no joking around. It was all business."

"Everybody was embarrassed. That was an embarrassing loss. I don't think anyone slept easy that night."

"Cool jackets... he always talks about cool jackets.  We're a super talented team and sometimes the only thing that can beat us is ourselves... not being prepared, not playing with urgency."

"I called it... all credit to them."

"We were up big at halftime and they came back and won at the buzzer pretty much. That's a really good team. All credit to them and their coaching staff. We had the better day. We executed and did everything we believed we could from the beginning."

"We need more [signature wins]. This is the ACC. I feel it's the best conference in America and we'll see great teams like that over and over again. This is only the beginning."

"It starts with us. Omer, BeeJay, myself... we try to set the tone and be physical. Against Miami we got punched first and did a lot of reacting... this game we came out and threw the first punch... stayed in control the whole game."

"All credit to my teammates. They found me in positions where I can catch and finish.  I had a feeling I hadn't missed the whole game.  I was like I don't want to miss but I had to keep playing, and it worked out in  my favor."

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