Dorn: "It Means A Lot To Me"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore guard Torin Dorn met with the media to discuss North Carolina.

Thoughts on facing North Carolina:
It means a lot to me. I've grown up being a North Carolina fan and I've played with State so it means a lot to me being able to play there and I've always dreamed of playing in the ACC and being able to play in games like this.

Discuss with your dad playing in this game?
I have. You know he supportive of my coming to NC State so he just wants me to do well and wants to see our team be successful. He's not really rooting for Carolina because he went there. He's rooting for me, our team.

How do you duplicate? Everybody can struggle on the road. Trying to do duplicate the comfort level you guys have at home and taking that.
I think it just comes with our intensity and the energy that we play with. We bring that energy that we play with at home to the road then every game. It will be the same. It will be just like a home game if we bring that energy, because we can't get it from the crowd because the crowd is going to be strongly in their favor so we have to bring some more to....

You kind of seemed like you took a step back last night as far as taking shots. I guess you had two or three shots late in the game. For this team there are so many offensive weapons does it feel like once somebody shoots you guys just kind of let them go?
Yeah, I think whoever is the high man or whatever night it is we are going to go with that. It's not necessarily taking a step back it's just that recognizing who has a hot hands and playing to our strengths and everybody being able to make plays that they're good at, helping our team.

What does that say about the unselfishness of this team is what I'm trying to get at.
Right, I think it's a very unselfish team. Whoever is going we're going to go with that and we're going to do whatever it takes to win you know. We won the game so...

You're playing so you can't be a spectator. The Smith-Berry matchup would be pretty fun to watch.
It would be fun to watch. You know those are two great guards and I think it would be exciting to watch them going at it.

What do you think about Justin Jackson... playing against him?
No he's a good player as well and you know it's always good to play against other guys that are good. It brings up your level of competition. You have to rise to that level to match their intensity and match the hype of the game in the moment. I think it's always fun going against good players.

You guys like to play fast. Can that make a difference?
I think so. I think we're really deep team and we can play hard and sub and keep that same energy level up. I think our depth is very important for us and will help us.

How much of practice is changed now with Freeman being back in the mix as far as practice is concerned?
It makes it more competitive you know he is going to help us win the scout team right now. He's going to do his best to make sure that we are prepared to play and then when he's ready to play you know he'll step in and do his job. He's rehabbing.

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