Dorn: "We Have To Be Better"

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- NC State sophomore wing Torin Dorn discusses the loss to North Carolina.

Opening Statement:
We didn't respond. That's what happens.

When did you know that it wasn't there for you guys today?
We came out early; we had energy coming out. We thought we were up for the game, but during the middle of the first half things weren't going our way and snowballed downhill.  They played a really good game... we just didn't play our best.

There's no one way to explain a 51-point differential.
I don't even know where to begin.

You guys wanted to play last night. Did that play a small role in this?
Coach G preaches to play through the refs, play through adversity. That's another thing we had to play through. We were ready to play last night and ready to play today but it didn't go our way.

26 turnovers... is there anything you can say about what caused that to happen?
We were careless with the ball, we weren't patient, and their defense contributed to that a little bit.

We have to be better.

What was coach saying to you on the bench as this was unfolding?
He was saying to settle down, run your stuff, and trust that we can get back in the game. We pressed a little bit too much, panicked, and you see the results.

Did you feel at halftime you had a chance to change the course?
We felt like if we came out in the second half with a different energy and focus we could turn it around, but they came out and played pretty good.

Have you ever been a part of two games so widely different?
No, I haven't It was a complete 180.

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