Gottfried: "It Was A Great Practice"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the upcoming game against Boston College.

How was practice today?
I thought it was a great practice. Our guys competed hard. I thought we got better. We worked on a lot of things we need to work on for our team. But I thought the most important thing about today was the competitive spirit. That was an all time high and that's what you like to see after a game like yesterday.

You were screaming a lot in the first half to get your offense to run. How much of that was addressed in practice?
I think a lot. I think for our team to become really a good team, we've got to run our offense better. We've got to buy in everybody and I think what happens is when we've been on the road and we've been in a tough situation ... It's natural too.

We've got a lot of inexperienced players. The natural tendency is to try to do it on your own. What this team's got to learn is how to execute under pressure and on the road and tough environments. We're going to get an opportunity again on Wednesday night, but certainly that's what we talked about today.

Have you brought more of your sets? Is that for your big ... Boston College can shoot the three, but they don't have a ton of size 00:01:16.
I think for us, when we really execute our offense, and our teams in the last five years that have really learned how to run our offense well, the best thing about what we do is that everybody's involved. Everybody touches the ball, there're opportunities for every player. Balanced scoring, look at the guys that have played here over the last four or five years and this team is learning that skill.

We got a lot of new players, a lot of inexperienced players, and they're still learning really how to do that as a group. At times, we've been really good on our offense. Five days ago, we were really good against Virginia Tech, but what we've got to be able to do is learn how to do that under pressure situations. That's where this team's got to take the big step.

Why is Boston College seemingly a totally different team now than maybe three weeks ago?
I think Boston College right now, they're shooting a three extremely well, they're all three and really they play four perimeter guys at times. They all shoot the ball well. A little bit like Virginia Tech. When played them, they came in here hot, and all those guys were firing away and making shots and playing with great confidence.

Boston College is actually similar to that right now the way they're playing, the way they're shooting the ball from the perimeter. The guys seem to have a great confidence level right now in how they're playing. They're a good team. You watch a team pounding 00:02:31 Syracuse like they did to get your attention. Even Duke had them down. They come back and cut it down in the single digits late in the game the other night. It got my respect and certainly they're going to have our team's respect.

Talk about yesterday, that regardless of the score, it's still just one loss. It just counts as again, against your record. What was your team's mentality as far as you preaching that to them...
It's something I believe in. Obviously the North Carolina game is different for us. It's not a normal game, but as far as the league record goes, it does count as one game.

Regardless if we would have won the game it's one game. A few years ago we went over there and won at North Carolina and went to Boston College and laid an egg and lost. They're only one, and we're going on the road, the game that we played yesterday is behind us. It's completely behind us and now our focus is on playing at Boston College.

Did you talk at all to them about how the loss?
We watched a little bit of tape, we talked about it and then it's time to turn the page. You always want to have an opportunity as a coach to teach and to make sure our guys learn, but then after that, it's time to turn the page, because that's not who we are. I don't think any time this year we've been that bad, so we're going to turn the page and make sure we're ready to play at Boston College.

It is easier for your veterans to take on that game compared to the freshman who are dealing with a loss like that for the first time?
Probably. I think it's probably a little bit better, easier for veteran players, but regardless, our team has to do a good job of that. I think we're going to be ready to play on Wednesday night.

Thoughts on Malik going home to play in front of his family...
I haven't talked to him about it. I'm sure he'll be excited to play. He loves going up there and his family is there and I'm sure they'll be at the game and all that kind of stuff. I haven't specifically spoken about it, but I know Malik will be excited about it.

You've seen Jerome Robinson probably a lot. Are you proud of how much success he's had so far?
Well I think with Jerome he's gotten better. Really about midway through his senior year in high school he's really taken great steps forward. He's turned in to being a really good guard here in our conference.

I do know him well. He's a great, great young guy and I pull for him, except for when we play him, but he has gotten a lot better.

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