POSTGAME: Anya, Henderson Discuss The Loss

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's BeeJay Anya and Terry Henderson met with the media after the loss to Georgia Tech.

"We have to want to do it collectively, not just one or two guys... it has to be a team thing."

"That's our main goal right now."

"Our coaching staff told us that they only make three three's per game and so when they came out making threes that shocked us and them.  It comes with it man."

"When teams come out like that, making shots, it's hard for them to fall off because they see their teammates making shots on the road. Each will have that same kind of confidence."

"You have to buy in collectively as a team on both ends of the floor, not just defensive, but offensive end too."

"We've struggled with team defense."

"That's where we stand right now."

"We'll go to practice tomorrow, get after it, get better, but this is the ACC so we have to be ready to play."

"We have to approach every possession with the same mentality... we let some easy baskets go... in this league you can't have possessions like those."

"Next thing you know you're down by six or seven points and teams are good enough and well-coached enough where they can hold on to leads and make it hard to come back."

"These guys are high-caliber players so you have to respect everyone on the court."

"Stephens got hot."

"Lammers is a really good player. We focused on him and he had an off-game, but his teammates helped him out."

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