POSTGAME: Abu, Kapita Discuss The Duke Win

DURHAM, N.C. -- NC State's Abdul-Malik Abu and Ted Kapita discuss the win over Duke.

"We wanted to come out here with a swagger and play with heart.  Tonight we left it all on the court."

"It's the same Dennis. He got rolling.  He got his confidence and all he did was believe. He believed in us and we believed in him."

"His number was called. National stage... everyone has things to say... there's a lot of pressure on him. There's a lot of pressure on all of us, but particularly him. He goes out there and plays hard, works hard everyday, and I'm glad he got to show the world what Dennis Smith can do."

"I try to get offensive rebounds... I tell him to go shoot, pass, whatever he can do.  He's a special player, one of a kind. We're grateful to have him."

"My dream was always to win in Cameron. I got that."

"I was just born actually."

"This one is for the fans at NC State.   The ones that have headaches... probably crying, expecting us to be better. They deserve the world. They deserve it the most. I'm proud we could do it for them."

"All I know is never give up... use your heart, use your willpower, use your soul."

"It shows us that we're capable of everything. Coach G has told us that this is a special team. We have to put it together. It's on us. There's nobody to blame or put it all on."

"They are going to prepare us. We have to go out there and perform."

"We've been going through a lot... losses at home, away... we couldn't win an away game.  Coming in here we had the mindset to win and play hard."

"Let me tell you something about Dennis. The man believes in himself. He believes he can do everything, that's why he gives us that.  We believe in him too. He plays hard, we all play hard. He's unbelievable."

"That's one thing. No one can teach me how to play hard. I was just trying to play hard.   It wasn't dirty. It wasn't stupid. I was just trying to play hard, but unfortunately they called a technical foul. I can only control how hard I play."

"The most important thing, we have to guard our man one on one and not let him go off the dribble. Be consistent on defense... if help isn't there you have to guard your man."

"To be honest, I think everybody knows about Duke and Coach K... how good of a coach he is. We just came here and didn't worry about Duke or anyone else. We were focused on our game and how we can control our intensity. We can't worry about anyone else."

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