Abu: "That Game Is Over"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior forward Abdul-Malik Abu discusses the upcoming game against Louisville.

You got to forget the Duke game and move on. Is it going to be tough to, because that was such a huge win for you guys.
The easiest part is just to go get back on the drawing board, look at the things that went right, and just try to progress from there. I remember when we beat Carolina, I think, my freshman year then we dropped one to Boston College the next day. You know what I'm saying?

The ACC is probably the most competitive conference in the country to me, and we just got to go out there and play everyday. We're done. That game is over. Just like a bad loss, good wins, you got to move on and just try to get another one.

What do you tell your team to help them learn from something like that, that just what you described a minute ago?
You just got to tell them they just got to go out there and do it. It's fun. It was a good experience, and we were happy to do that for the fans, but now it's time to get back to work and get some more.

Was it cool to be on TMZ?
That was a little weird. I was a little scared at first. I didn't know what they have me up there for, but I'm glad they got some positive, positive articles on TMZ.

I heard you guys actually didn't stop at the bell tower this time because of the Carolina stands.
Yeah, we didn't stop at the bell tower, but... it was great. There was a lot of people out there, and it just makes you want to win more. It's just the motivation to go out there and get these big wins, do it for the people in Raleigh and just keep adding to our resume.

How has practice been the last couple of days? I imagine it can lift you guys up pretty well.
Practice within the last couple days has been competitive. We just want to go out there and compete. We feel like the harder we play in here it's going to be easier when we go out there.

Anybody from Duke that you had a bet with?
Nah. We don't do no bets over here in the NCAA.

Not for bragging rights?
Nah. Bragging rights, definitely. It's always good to win a big game in the triangle. We have some more big games coming up, so it's all fun.

You've been really productive in numbers the last couple of games. For you, is it just a matter of being a little more aggressive?
I just got to stay in rhythm and stay confident. My team believes in me, the coaching staff believes in me. Just got to go out there and just perform every night.

Mid-range jumper, all of a sudden you kind of caught fire with that. Is it just a case where you put in a lot of work with that?
Yeah, it's a confidence level. I put in a lot of time with it, and you have to go out there and just believe in yourself.

Lately, I just been believing it's all good every time I shoot it, and I guess it's a shooter's mindset.

What's your impression of Louisville?
They're a tough team, and they want to get in the passing lanes.  They want to score off turnovers, their long and athletic. Our main concern is going out there and executing and not giving points away, because you put yourself in a handicap when you're just turning the ball over and running in transition and losing points that way.

We just want to go out there and play our game and execute.

Donovan Mitchell, have you noticed a big jump in his game?
Donovan..., he's good, man. I'm proud of him. Every time I see him out there doing well, I'm just happy. Coming from the NEPSAC, prep school basketball league, it's going to be an interesting game. We're going to be talking, but it's going to be fun.

The fact that you guys won there two years ago, does that help, hurt, or does it not matter?
It gives me a certain confidence level. A lot of the new guys never been there, but I know what it takes to win at that stage and the crowd and a good team like that. I think they had Montrezl, and I think another lottery pick.  Rozier. Yeah, that year we beat them.

Yeah, man. It was a great experience.

I know you're hoping this win Monday kind of ignites a winning streak like two years ago, and that was the game that got you guys started when you beat Louisville. How does that change kind of the confidence level of a team when you can win games like that?
It just shows you what you're capable of and I feel like that what's everybody's been waiting to see. I feel like, as a ball club, we know what we're capable of and when we put it all together and we execute.  

Our goal for Sunday is to go out there and play hard and play our game, and we feel like the sky's the limit at that point.

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