Henderson: "The Opportunity Is Right There"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior guard Terry Henderson met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Syracuse.

Is the Syracuse zone a little different?
Yeah, you know, they extend their wings a little higher up than usual zones that we played in the past. They know how to use their length to their advantage. It's gonna be a fun game for us. You know, we should be down and ready to shoot.

We're gonna have a lot of open shots, so just got to be ready to shoot.

Coach would like you to talk about the zip.
Yeah, yeah.

What is the zip difference gonna be on Wednesday?
Just bringing it from the tip-off, you know? We're back at home. We're not on the road. So, usually we would come out with more energy anyway just off that. So, we should be fine.

Remember playing against Andrew White many, many, many years ago?
Team Loaded, yeah. Bob Gibbon's Tournament. Tyler Lewis had- you know, it was a career night, so did TJ [Warren]. That was a fun game, man. It'll be a good matchup.

What do you plan for, at least, defensively?
Just sticking to what coach would want us to do. We're sticking to our match up zone that we've been running. And it's done well for us throughout the past four or five games.

We just do what they want us to do, and if we go man then we would have our Scout to go back to... and just move from there.

This game falls on February 1st. So, the calendar's changed...
Yeah, especially when you look at all the teams in the ACC and you understand that in the NCAA tournament there's probably gonna be 10 to 12 teams in the tournament from the ACC, so that alone is just motivation for us to just keep getting better and win these... just make a run at it.

You notice after all this playing on the road, so you have two home games next week. Do you consider this to be a huge lead?
Yeah. Yes, I do. We gotta take advantage of the opportunity. The opportunity is right there in our reach... come and attack full speed with it.

How do you guys bounce back? You've had such a roller coaster this past week and a half. How do you get that energy back?
Practice. You know, we had a great two, three days of practice. We had high energy levels both practices. We watched film and our coaching staff talked to us individually... made sure our heads were just on the right track. Not in the slumps. But, we've been having great practices. We've been pushing each other and competing, so we should be ready tomorrow.

So, is the confidence still there?
Yeah. It's always there, you know? It's always there. We just got to learn how to play within each other as one unit.

Why is it do you think that you had the energy in one game but you don't have it in another? How come you can't have the energy, you know, back to back at games?
I mean, I wouldn't even call it energy. I would call it more focus. Understanding what you need to do and what it takes to win on the road against a Top 25 team like Louisville. They had two of their guards out.

We had times when we could have taken advantage of that. But, defensively we were just all over the place, and not matched up, and everybody wasn't on the same page. So, the sooner we get five guys out there on the same page, the easier it's gonna be for us as a team, so we'll be fine.

Talk about ball movement and pass fakes this zone...
Yeah, ball movement and just being ready to shoot ... being able to attack, move the ball from side to side and defending them.  The holes will be there.  We just got to keep learning that while staying aggressive at the same time. Hopefully, we'll tear that zone apart.

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