Gottfried: "I'm Disappointed"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Miami.

Opening Statement:
I’m frustrated, disappointed.  I'm disappointed for our players, and I thought that probably the main thing in today’s game is our inability to get a defensive rebound and that led to them shooting a much better percentage. It led to some kickouts off of some offensive rebounds that made some threes.

We have to come up with a defensive rebound and you look down there and they had 17 of them today.

If you look at our numbers across the line, offensively — and this is kind of a broken record — we should be able to win the game. 15 assists, 11 for 18 (from three-point range), we shot 56 percent from the field against a really, really good defensive team.

But they beat us off the dribble a number of times. They got to the rim a number of times, that led to some kick out threes, and I thought they made every one that they needed to make. Every critical shot that they needed to make, I thought they made them, so you have to give those guys credit for that.

But we got to figure out how we’re going to guard the ball better. We went with our zone for a while, and I thought that was really effective. And when they kind of solved that, we went to our man and that was good for a little while and then they solved that a bit and you got to get a rebound. You have to get a defensive rebound, that’s part of the defensive possession.

Today, that was our Achilles heel.

On if inexperienced roster has played a role in struggling to hold lead...
I don’t know if it’s all that, if it’s inexperience.

You know, you have to give the other team credit, too. They did some things really well and got themselves back in it and made some shots, but I think that’s two games in a row we’ve had leads and we haven’t been able to push that thing forward somehow.

Today, I thought it was the rebounding more than the defense, which is part of the defense, it’s all a part of it, you have to finish the defensive possession and rebound. You’ve got to end it. And especially during that stretch when we lost our lead and I think even a little later in the game, I think there was one point where it was four in a row where just couldn’t seem to get the ball on the rebound and I thought today that was the difference.

But it could be some of that. We’ve played some games now, we’ve got to be better, and we have to figure out how we’re going to stop people from scoring the way that they’re scoring.

You had to feel better about the first half defense. What was different in the second half?
Well, again, I just think that they solved some things. They solved them, they solved the puzzle when we were in our match-up zone and I thought first half we had them a little off balance and second half I thought they started to find the holes in it.

We’ve got to step up and be better. We just got to be better. Sometimes if a guy steps up and makes a couple, you’ve got to step out a little farther, take some of those away.

And they made some key threes but more than the threes for me was offensive rebounds, tip-ins, dribble penetration leads to an and-1 foul, those types of things to me, that’s more of the issue to me than anything else.

On why Terry Henderson didn’t shoot a lot in the second half...
I think it’s part of the game, it’s part of life.

You know, it seemed Terry was making shots early and Maverick struggled most of the day, just couldn’t get it going, tried to get it going and then Terry kind of cooled off so we weren’t really getting points from either one of those guys.

Dennis stepped up again and made some amazing shots.

I think our team is a handful of plays away. We’re a handful of plays, if you look out there and you say ‘OK, we got to execute our offense a little better a handful of times. You got to get more defensive rebounds a handful of times and some stops. We’re a team that’s playing hard, we’re competing hard, but we’re a handful plays away' and we’ve got to figure out how to get over that hump.

That’s where we are. It’s not catastrophic. It’s not. We’re right there and our guys competed really hard, but we’ve got to make some plays in all those areas that’ll give us the chance to have a different outcome.

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