Gottfried: "We Have To Be More Physical"

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried spoke with the Wolfpack's radio crew following the loss at Florida State.

Coach, what is the story on this game from a NC State perspective?
I thought the difference in the game was the 21 offensive rebounds. You can say all you want to say about a lot of things, but it comes down to that.  We have to be able to get a rebound.

At times we defended them pretty well and couldn't get a rebound. Therefore they get nearly 20 points on second-chance points. We turned it over a few times and that led to some points, but I thought the difference obviously is giving them 21 offensive rebounds.

Miami had 17 and these guys got 21. It's hard, even with your defense... when you do things well or right, it still leads to second-chance points. 

We have to figure out how we'll rebound the ball on the defensive end or we're going to struggle.

We did some other things pretty good. We came in here and shot 47% from the field, in the second half we shot 53% from the field offensively. There were some good things happening, but unless we get a defensive rebound we'll be swimming uphill all night.

Florida State seemed to try and not let Dennis Smith beat them.
That was a good job by Leonard Hamilton, but they do that against a lot of people... that's their M.O.  We had Omer in the floor making some plays, and he was in foul trouble, Malik was in foul trouble.  We came out of there a number of times with good shots, got the ball in the middle of the floor and fanned it out from there. 

But it did negate some of Dennis' ability to do a lot of things; it really tried to wear him down. I thought they did a good job with that.

At the same time, Maverick and Terry got some good looks out of it... do you think you adjusted to that?
Yep, I thought we did a better job of adjusting to that. I thought we did a better job of defending them, especially in the second half, but if you're going to give up that many offensive rebounds, you can defend how you want to defend.

We still have to defend the ball better at times. I thought there were a couple where we got beat right off the dribble, one-on-one, but it comes back to giving up 21 offensive rebounds.

Were you disappointed that they outscored the Wolfpack by 20 in the paint?
Again, they got 21 offensive rebounds. They could have had 40 in the paint, 20 is lucky to be honest, it could have been worst.

Their ability to get an offensive rebound tonight... you look at the points in the paint, all those kinds of things, they are scoring the ball, second-chance shots. They had too many of them. We didn't do a good job with that.

Maverick made a great play diving, Torin Dorn... Terry Henderson.  Do you have any problem with the effort?
No, not whatsoever. Our guys never laid down, they kept playing hard. We just couldn't get a rebound. 

Defensively they are trying to play to win. We just have to get better. We have a lot of young guys, all that kind of stuff, but at some point I have to put my body on someone and keep you from getting a rebound. We have to be more physical around the basket and the guards have to rebound.

Malik has to get more than six. Omer has to get more than five... they have to get more with all the minutes they played. Ted comes into the game and gets one rebound. He has to do a better job, but all our guys... it's not just our big guys, it's everybody.

Tonight... that's two games in a row that has been the thing that's hurt us more than anything.

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