Gottfried: "We Didn't Have Enough Poise"

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss at Wake Forest.

Opening Statement:
Let me start off and say that I thought they played really well. You have to give them credit. I thought in the first half we didn't have enough poise.  That was really the difference.

I thought our guys competed in the second half. There was never a point where I thought they laid down. We had some adversity in the first half and we needed to have a lot more poise. Poise means executing your offense and getting a better shot. Poise means fixing some things defensively and not dropping your head a little bit. 

That was probably the biggest difference in the first half. Now you're down 20-something and swimming uphill, trying to climb out of a hole. 

I thought our guys came back and competed but we have to be better there and have more poise than I thought we had in the first half.

What can you do defensively to get better?
You have to keep trying. I'm not sure if you can re-invent anything at this point.

One thing with the limited practice time, games come quick. When you have a lot of younger guys, there are things we've done differently, but you have to be careful where everyday you're doing something new. At that point, it becomes a mess.

We have to be more solid at the fundamental things defensively. Some of that is just moving your feet side-to-side, I have to contain a dribbler and not let a guy turn a corner one-on-one. Some of that is transition... getting back and getting to guys quick enough.

It's a lot of things. We have to keep getting better. I think at this point of the year you can't re-invent a lot of things. I think that becomes more of a disaster.

What does John Collins does different from anyone else you've faced?
I think he's really good. We played Creighton early on and they have the big kid Patton, who I think is a really good player. If I was a NBA team, I don't know that I would pass on that kid.

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"We're struggling offensively and it probably affected us some defensively. That's probably why we didn't have the poise we needed to have. I thought we had some pretty good shots and couldn't make them. Some days you have those, and they were on the opposite side of that. They were making a lot of them."

"I today he was really good. Torin gave us a great lift and he kept competing really hard. He started off the year really well and kind of got to where he wasn't and we need him to play well. We'll keep fighting and we need him to be a big part of it. He was today."

"I think it's a concern.  From our standpoint, nobody is going to lay down. I'm not going to lay down and they aren't going to lay down. We got into a tough hole and that's our fault some."

"Obviously they played well, I don't want to take anything away from Wake, they did a great job."

"We're going to keep fighting. You have to eliminate some of the other things around us and draw in closer together as a team... stay together. We're the same team that went into Cameron and won. We're the same team that beat Virginia Tech a couple of days after they beat Duke by 20. That's the same group in the locker room. They have to get better, tougher, get to the foul line more, all those things."

"There's not going to be anybody lay down in our group."

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