Dorn: "We'll Be Ready To Play"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore wing Torin Dorn discusses tonight's game against North Carolina.

Torin, first of all, with all that's been going on here recently, what's on everyone's minds for the next game?
Ahh, we're just focused on the next game. Trying to get Carolina. You know, we're just taking it one day at a time. Trying to move forward.

How difficult has it been with all the stuff, all the talk going on and the frustrations on the court? How difficult has it been to stay focused?
It hasn't been that difficult. We're just trying to keep our heads down and worry about the game, and focus on basketball, and fix the things we need to fix, and I think we'll be focused tomorrow.

You think North Carolina, when you guys played the way you did in the year earlier this season, do you have to refocus or how do you mentally approach rebounding and kind of avenging what happened in Chapel Hill?
Yeah, I just think that game got away from us early. You know what I'm saying, so I feel like we get our focus back, and it's basketball, so we'll be ready to play tomorrow.

Keyshawn Woods, after the Wake Forest Game said you guys quit, that they knew you guys would quit when they got up. Did you see that quote?
I didn't see his quote, but you know I heard about it. You know, I think we fought hard in the second half of that game, and I think we always fight hard. That's something that we pride ourselves on, just fighting and fighting 'til the end, so, we're going to come out tomorrow and be ready to fight. You know, we're putting Wake Forest and all those games behind us, and we're worried about the next ones.

Joel Barry caught backpacking on that kinda said that he doesn't expect you guys to lay down like you did in that first game. A similar sentiment to Keyshawn, and that has to strike kind of at the heart of you as a competitor to hear other players saying things like that, doesn't it?
Yeah, I mean we're all competitors and we're going to compete, and that's what we come out here to do, you know? That's what we ... we play the game that we love and we love to compete, so we're going to compete tomorrow too, you know, no matter what anybody says and anybody on the outside. We're worried about in-house and fixing the things we need to fix and being focused on the game.

Is there any better motivation than knowing what happened in the first game?
We don't need any other motivation.

What, if anything, have you guys said to one another since Wake Forest, given how bad that loss was, and then in light of what's kind of been said by most of us in respect to what your coach's job may or may not be at the end of this season? Have you guys talked about that at all?
No, we just man-to-man need to buckle down and you know, compete and fight, fight our butts off. So, that's really all we've talked about in the locker room and as a team. It's just fighting as hard as we can and trying to get this thing turned about.

What does it mean that this team's performance this year has put Coach Gottfried in a position this year to have it said that he may not have a job at the end of this season?
I don't know. I don't worry about that and we don't talk about that, so I don't know anything about it.

So there would be no sense of you guys kind of rallying about the coach in this scenario?
I don't know. I don't know what you're talking about.

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