POSTGAME: Johnson, Rowan Discuss The Loss

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Maverick Rowan and Markell Johnson discuss the loss to Notre Dame.

"These last coupe of days have been hard but we are just going to continue to fight and build every day to finish out the season."

"Coach Gottfried just told us to not to quit. We didn't quit. We just came out with a different mindset and to go out there and win the game. It didn't happen."

"[Gottfried] didn't quit. That helps us a lot. When the coach is telling us not to quit and he is coaching his tail off, we will just go out and play hard for him."

"We was all in a room, the athletic director came in there, she told us then he spoke to us. That is how it went about."

"When a guy recruits you and then -- you know what happened -- it is tough."

"This whole season my team's believed in me. They told e to go ut there and play my game the way I know how to play. Today, they just motivated me a lot today and I just came out."

"As a team we just have to keep fighting one possession at a time. We are not going to come back all in one possession. We have to keep playing and keep getting stops. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough tonight but we kept playing hard and the next couple of games we have to keep playing through."

"It has been difficult. A little disappointed with the decision but we are trying to send him out on a high note and fight for him."

"Forget the circumstances but right now he is our coach and we are going to play as if he is our coach and keep playing hard for him."

"He has showed a lot of commitment towards us and we are going to keep practicing hard, keep playing hard. Hopefully we can go out to Brooklyn and win a couple of games and hopefully we will see what happens."

"I don't want to talk about that right now and focus on the game today."

"As a team we have got to keep fighting hard and playing together and hopefully good things will come out of that."

"It was very disappointing for us as a team. You never want to hear that your coach has been let go, especially during the season. It is very unfortunate for us."

"I just felt he was not giving up on us. He thinks there is also fight in us so we will keep playing hard for him."

"I think we played a lot harder today compared to other games."

"We are tired of losing. The team is tired of losing and we want to win a couple games to finish out the season strong."

"I think so."

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