Gottfried: "I Am Really Happy"

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried spoke with the Wolfpack's radio crew following the 71-69 win at Georgia Tech.

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried spoke with the Wolfpack's radio crew following the 71-69 win at Georgia Tech.


"Let me tell you message in the locker room; Number one, I am extremely proud of these guys and I am happy for the players. I am really happy, excited for them. They showed tonight. We got down in a stance, really guarded them, did a great job but outside of giving up transition baskets, which they're good at that. They get that ball in the open floor, they get to the rim, but our guys , I think that was our best defensive effort. I think Markell in the lineup gives us a whole new look as far as with two penetrating guards."

"I am just so thrilled for our players. This has been a tough, tough period for these guys. They have hung in there...The practices have been phenomenal as far as enthusiasm goes and they came out here tonight on the road against a team that is playing as well as anybody, just beat Syracuse the other night, and got a heck of a road win. Extremely proud and happy for these guys."

"We had a great start. Other than giving up a couple of early baskets in the break there they probably did a great job. We had a night, in all honesty, where we had a lot of open shots, couldn't make some of them. We overcame some missed opportunities, when we had good looks. Maverick had some good one, Terry did, Torin did. Those guys had some great shots but we stepped up and made foul shots. We rebounded the ball extremely well tonight. I thought that we limited them to one shot but our start to the game was really key, really important."

"I thought [four points at the end f the first half] was an important going into the half, plus it gives you a different kind of momentum feel walking into the locker room. Then I think in the second half, to be real honest, I thought Maverick made a huge, huge three. Dennis made a huge three. I thought those two were just big for our team. Kind of kept us alive and kept us going."

"I am going back to our defense. I think they had to earn every single basket the hard way. We got our matchups better. We grew up tonight. Dennis and Markell, two freshmen guards playing out there. Maverick and Torin both sophomores. Big win for them. Ted gave good minutes for us off the bench as a freshman, did a great job so I am extremely pleases with all of those things."

"I was okay with [Georgia Tech driving]. We wanted them to make hard twos. You have got to remember now, four three-pointers -- now one of them in the first half right in front of me, Stephens, the ball bobbled off of his hand. I mean, he actually bobbled it off of his hand and made it. That was one. And then they had one right before the half over here in the corner. So we really did a good job of not letting them get loose and really, in my opinion, it is Stephens. Stephens is the guy for them, I think. He goes 1-for-3. Maverick, I think, did a phenomenal, phenomenal defensive job on him and not letting him get good looks behind the three-point line. I thought that was really big. for our team."

"[Kapita] did a great job. Ted did really well. Malik got in foul trouble and I thought Ted did a pretty good job of guarding Lammers in there. Not letting Lammers get going and getting started. He is a good players, Lammers is, and I thought collectively between Malik and Ted, they guarded him for the entire 40 minutes. The guy goes 1-for-9 from the field, only has six points so I thought that was a great defensive effort by both Malik and Ted."

"[Terry] made a couple of big shots too. I mean big ones. A couple of three-pointers. He did a great job and then he made his foul shots late in the game which I thought was really important too. We need that. Every team does. You need your better offensive players to play and score the ball. So I thought he did a great job as well."

"We rebounded the ball extremely well. They didn't get a lot of second chance points but I thought our matchups against them as far as our man-to-man defense, who we had guarding the right guys, I thought each guy took it upon themselves, a team defense was better but individually our defense was better. Dennis, with Jackson driving in there with his left hand -- he is a hard player to guard around the basket -- and Dennis did a good job on him. Like I mentioned, Maverick on Stephens did a great job, so collectively, great effort."

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