POSTGAME: Wolfpack Players Talk UVA Loss

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Terry Henderson, Abdul-Malik Abu, and BeeJay Anya met with the media after the loss to Virginia.

"The era of basketball for a lot of people, BeeJay has been here for four years, Lennard has been here for four years, Terry is a Raleigh native.  It was an emotional night."

"I try not to focus on that with games left and a big tournament where we can make a run, but the team could be very different next year with a lot of changes... we're still together as a family right now and just focused on winning."

"You finally realize for some guys this could be the last time they play in PNC."

"It's the same mentality. We have to go and compete."

"I have a strong belief in my team and this staff."

"We're waiting to get rolling and going out there trying to win every game."

"We have to put it all together."

"They got hot. Kyle Guy got hot. Hall got hot. Both of those guys hurt us."

"Trying to catch up against a team like Virginia, it's tough.  They slow it down every play, it's really tough."

"We missed a lot of shots... we have to move on to Clemson."

"It was realizing that I'd been here for four years and it's coming to an end.  I was a little upset that my mom wasn't here on time, she was a little late coming from home."

"This was an emotional time today. It was my last time playing in PNC."

"No, I was more concerned that I was done. I think I'm the only player that stayed here for four years and played for four years straight. Lennard came in with me but he can't play this year.  Cat came in with me, he left last year. Kyle transferred, Patrick transferred."

"It was a roller-coaster ride... that made me tear up a little bit. Lennard started crying too and that made me sad as well."

"It's not a friendship, it's a brotherhood.  We're like brothers... we played on the same AAU team in high school... four years of being here.  We have a bond that's unbreakable.  He'll probably be the best man in my wedding in a few years whenever I get married.  Me and him, we're inseparable.  I love him."

"I had a flashback of all the times, the last four years. I got emotional. I don't cry very much, but it came out today.  I called it before the game."

"It meant a lot because he's my brother. Terry as well, he showed a lot of emotion. My mom and sister were running late and my teammates walked me out there."

"Those guys are like my closest friends... growing up, I have three sisters. I never had any brothers. Having them is like having brothers. Being with them four years... our friendship, brotherhood will last a lifetime."

"He might have got me a little bit. I turned over and he was crying... it was tough... I love him to death."

"I was trying to shoot my first career three in PNC... that's what I was trying to do. I'd been practicing on the gun all week... but coach couldn't get me in the last thirty seconds of the game."

"I guess I'll leave my college game with no three-ball... I'd probably make it too. I'm probably one of the best three-pointers on the team but you guys don't know that."

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